Overwatch 2 leaks? And other bits

That part sound like funfic
But with story we have… anything is possible? mayby?


A cool new character is added and some characters turn gay…seems legit

some of the stuff that was leaked was previously reported on
(probably to get more traffic to their websites)
(If I were a news site, I would anon post about things that could be easily found on my news site)

I doubt it as it implies she was brainwashed to be gay and ruins the entire lore Widow already has.

Thats what I’m thinking

I dont believe any of this is could be 100%, but it might be

Once this thread eventually dies down and Overwatch 2 releases, it will be funny to see if its real or not

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Welp, anything possible with this writing style of making stuff so late it look like it have no sense at all
And we dont know much about any hero tbh, someone could be pachimari in discuse and we would learn that 6 years later.

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Honestly, from past lore we’ve gotten, does that really even sound farfetch’d at this point?

Seems like itd be par for the course


I would be inclined to believe the things at Blizzard HQ and the exclusive items, after that it gets into some major BS.

I read the entire leak (the WoW, StarCraft, Hearthstone and Diablo bits) and it’s so incredibly fake that it’s mind blowing how a person who knows so little about any of these games is able to produce such amount of BS, both in quality and quantity.


This is just so unfathomably weird and out of left field that it almost makes me believe it.

There was the Orisa leaks but otherwise, I don’t believe there’s ever been any other real leaks so while technically possible, I’d be shocked.

Eh, granted I’m a bit biased here, but Widow gives off hella strong bi vibes (like those healing lines with Mercy) to me already. The brainwashing wearing off implies simply reverting to her original personality and whatever orientation she had then.

And done properly (which admittedly, Blizzard more than likely wouldn’t), feeling love and finding happiness again wouldn’t have to take away from the love she had for Gerard. Its not like people don’t ever move on irl after all.

Not that I think that story-line direction is at all likely.

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Need me some canon Soldier/Reaper gay relationship

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She was Married to her husband and then laughs in Tracer’s face after killing Mondata. I’m not sure where you get that impression.
The proper way is to not include sexuality at all.

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Ijs, bi people are monogamous as often as anyone else.

As to why she gives off the vibe, besides the damage boost, its difficult to put into words or explain to someone presumably straight. Lets just say that she comes off as flirty and open to other women rather than giving off the more closed and unaware feeling straighter women do. Though, to begin with, scientifically speaking, very few women are 100% straight anyways.

Also, while I’m not even advocating for this story-line with Widow, sexuality is already included and you’d have to remove Gerard and rewrite her entire bio (alongside several other heroes) if you actually don’t want sexuality to be included in Overwatch.

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That is the fakest leak I’ve ever read.

You me until Reaper was gay…

sounds like a bad ultimate XD what if you r gettin rolled and no one is dying xD

edit okay I assumed it worked only on the enemy, still bad


It’s so fake you can still see the stitches.

it sounds like you actually believe it LMAO

It wouldn’t surprise me if they actually did stuff like this considering how barren lore is right now

My friends told me about this leak earlier and it sounds completely fake. I don’t think anyone knows what Overwatch 2 is currently.