Overwatch 2 leaks? And other bits

Note: Take this with a grain of salt. This was posted on 4chan of all places, so take that as you will. Majority of leaks have been fake there, but a good handful have been real (such as Baptiste). Again, this is all rumors.

This was “leaked” by someone who was recently released from Blizzard. I dont know if its real or not, but figured it would be interesting to discuss.

Apparently, things aren’t going well at Blizzard. Since this is Overwatch, I’ll keep it Overwatch related. The ex employee stated that nearly everyone in the office “agreed that sacrificing the casual community for the esports one” was a “mistake.” Personally I agree.

If the bill goes through with banning loot boxes, they already plan to create a shop similar to Apex Legends, where skins cycle out every other week that you can directly purchase. Blegh.

Now, for Overwatch 2 stuff…

Essentially, the leaker said it plays like a L4D2, except with “robots” (Omnics obviously) and its going to be priced at 60$ with exclusive skins slapped onto it.

The main villain is a “techromancer” that brings the dead back to life using nanites. Apparently she’ll be added to Overwatch at some point and time with her ultimate allowing her to create bots from dead players, attacking their own team. Sounds pretty cool, not gonna lie.

The game takes place after Reaper invades Winstons home.

Tracers girlfriend apparently dies and Widowmakers talon brainwashing begins to fade, causing the two to “hook” up. This is where I raised an eyebrow because it reeks of fake.

McCree is apparently being retconned as a third clone of Soldier 76, the second one found dead during the story. Again, this raises eyebrows.

And Reaper is gay. I think that and the stuff above sounds like the usual hogwash 4chan spits out, but again this could be real, or most likely not.

Now, all of this seems interesting and somewhat real, but I wanna hear what you guys think.

Again, none of this is confirmed. Please do NOT harass the devs or anyone at Blizzard for “POTENTIAL” leaks.

EDIT Screw it. Heres the full thing. Has some minor language in it, but I havent read past the Overwatch section, so take that as you will.

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This made me chuckle. This isn’t hogwash its Hogwarts.


You have been trolled, m8.


I’m beginning to think the same :1


It’s 4chan my man lol. You’ve been had!

I mean this is obviously fake, but pretty funny


The “Techromancer” bit sounds pretty cool though.


This sounds pretty fake tbh.

Fake indeed but funny nonetheless.

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Honestly I always expected that this would happen. Seemed like they planted the seed for it in Widow’s short.

But at this point…an Overwatch game having any story seems a bit hard to believe. :sweat_smile:


Yeah this reads like fanfiction. Definitely fake.


No kidding. Kinda gives me Big Hero 6 vibes

TracerMaker fans are ready to kill Emily to make it happen


Sounds suspiciously familiar

It lost me at this…


When you really think about all the points of it though.

It’s really just playing on theories people already had or have with some doubt sprinkled in.

It was long rumored to be like L4D. People speculate things at Blizz must be really hostile. People commonly debate OWL was a mistake.

Overall, I’m reading a lot of this and thinking of the “leak” being more-or-less fanservice.


I trust my gut instinct and it’s giving me like 90% red flags with just what you wrote, so I’m gonna have to say it’s fake.

For one it’s way too many specific sensational story details for a game supposedly just starting planning phase


It was at this point that I stopped reading your post :sweat_smile:

I’m sorry mate, imma have to trust my gut feeling here and say this is 100% real.

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This feels super fake. There are enough plausible elements to sucker you in but the bit with Tracer is just silly, no way the writer would go that way.