Overwatch 2 Launches October 4 as a Free-to-Play Live Experience

Overwatch 2 Launches October 4 as a Free-to-Play Live Experience

The wait is over with the release of Overwatch 2 on the horizon.

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Wow this is absolutely huge.

Free to play has one fantastic benefit for console players: no more having to pay for online play!

So at the end of the trailer in the Xbox stream it said it’s coming to Xbox consoles and PC early access, which I’m a little bit saddened and confused about. I just bought a PS5. Will we get a PS5 release soon after? Or maybe I just misunderstood this because elsewhere it does say that it’s releasing on other platforms as well.

Something I’d like to bring up here is a slightly controversial idea that I’ve always advocated for: the Overwatch original game and Overwatch sequel should be separate games. They’re two very different games and this would allow people who prefer the original to continue to enjoy the original game as well as give the developers more creative freedom with the sequel to deviate from the philosophy of the original game.

I know a lot of people are going to complain about free to play having more cheaters and smurfs. I believe that blizzard will be able to solve those issues. I think hopefully we will get a lot of players with free to play and this means that potentially Open Queue queue times will actually go down even for the higher ranks.

I had an idea for free to play competitive. What if free players only had access to the tank and support roles? We could easily solve the queue times this way.

Also could we get overwatch back on GeForce Now cloud gaming? That would go a really long way to practising the article’s message of inclusion and allowing all people to play regardless of their hardware. When early access launches on October 4 is there any chance we can get it on xCloud cloud gaming at least?

I’d also love to see mouse and keyboard support for consoles. Also hopefully PS5 version will get native 4K upgrade and 120 FPS support or variable refresh rate support.

I’d also absolutely love to see a macOS port. Please Blizz?! With the change in monetisation system I believe this could be profitable/viable. Would love to see a mobile iOS/Andoird port as well!

We love you Blizzard and all of the developers, thank you for working so hard on this game!


Dudes, Doomfist looks so good in the video. I can’t wait to play him in the PVE


Yup free to play get ready for the game to become more of an online store then an actual game


I just watched the Trailer during Microsoft’s conference! JunkerQueen Confirmed! Fox Girl Teased! New Appearances for Orisa, D.Va, Symmetra and more shown off! Included with Game Pass!

Also, the fact that they’ve shown off this much already has me enthusiastic for the 16th!

I’m hyped!


True. Concerned about competitive integrity…


Hope they’ve got a plan to deal with cheaters, cause if they think their systems will hold up in a f2p, they won’t


I’m crying rn :heart_eyes:


HOOOOLD UP. Repeat that I think I’m not seeing properly


This is awesome, Andy!

Also, I think you may have forgotten to embed the video. In the article it says:

[Embed 6/12 Video]


But, so cool. It’s going free to play, a release date, a new hero, and TEASED hero, and this article explaining things more in depth. So welcome, so appreciated - and you’re working on a weekend! Thank you, Andy!


Is only the PVP is free to play and not the PVE?


This is so huge! Showed Junker Queen AND a sneak peak of the fox spirit character! I’m hyped!!


I know it was at an Xbox event, but this is for PS and Switch too right?

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Good. Finally the release date and it is what you’d have expected, but free-to-play? Hope you’re ready for 100x more threads about smurfs.


impossible, everyone knows overwatch 2 isnt real?!


“free to people who own Overwatch”

trying to make it look like we get it for free when others have to pay, but in fact you had planned it to be free for everyone


I’m trying to be hype, but… idk… i feel like something from the trailer was… missing.

OW2 release date October 4th!!

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Still it is going to be filled to the brim with microtransactions


Omg I thought this was accidentally posted early :eyes::eyes::eyes:

Also that new Symmetra skin and highlight intro :fire: