Overwatch 2 Known Issues - October 25, 2022

I can’t even log in on Xbox one, it just gives me an error message. Any known fixes to this? Or is it something I need to sit and wait for by blizzard

I didnt even get my watchpoint pack! I dont want to play this game if my money is completely wasted :confused:

barely no one can bud

It wouldn’t be the first time Blizzard servers have been this poorly managed without a DDoS.

well im in the que since 9 pm cest

Probably a million and one players trying to log into their servers, lol.

I owned OW1 and had many cosmetics unlocked, however OW2 is treating me like a new player with nothing unlocked.
Platform: Playstation


try the asian servers then honkeytonk

they’ve been getting DDOSed for hours now then, they should’ve fixed the issue but they don’t care enough to

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While it’s frustrating, the queue problems aren’t really unexpected since every free to play game that’s been hyped to some extent deals with it.

My problem is the fact that my Watchpoint Pack - which cost $40 - was not applied to my account when it should have been and I have the Order and Purchase History to prove that I own it.

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I think we’re all stressing too much about this, think we need to give it a day, it’s not going anywhere, bugs take time, they were not prepared. Just get some rest or play another game, dinner or relax and check in tomorrow. Goodnight guys!

All they fixed was the genji skin and replays? In 4 hours?

Same thing happened to me. I purchased the watchpoint pack a few months ago and now that im on Overwatch 2 it didnt unlock. If i go to thr Microsoft store on my xbox it says i already own it. This needs to be fixed. I spent $40 on it and expect it to be there and it’s not.

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no im not gonna server hop like other ppl i stay in my region and evryone should do that

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Chalk it up to Launch issues. You will get what you paid for I truly believe.

Ask them for a refund… This is a BS culture that is forming among game developers. They set release dates and then release whatever they have expecting the users to debug the game for them, and stress test the serves for them. Too me, this is like selling someone a broken product expecting them to fix it.

Got logged in but I don’t have any of the stuff from the watchpoint pack that I purchased, playing on ps5

Hey now it says 10,000. Progressing I hope, crossing my fingers.

alright, than I’m sure you can sit around poutting about not being able to play then lol. See ya, I’m gonna go play overwatch now.

i had the same issue are you playstation?