Overwatch 2 Known Issues - October 25, 2022

I heavily doubt that. I restarted my playstation,restarted the game 3 times, and I checked my connection to my internet

And seriously, yes. Server hopping is cruel to those who actually have to connect to those servers (mainly users who have no choice, like Console). It’s just destroying the QoL for them if they try to play


this is not true. im in a 30k queue

I got to play half a no limits, then it dropped me back in queue at 40k bleh

Mine says the same thing here

i am tempted to call false advertisement been trying to login since 2 pm central. and still nothing

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thats why a ping/ms lock is a good solution just like hunt showdown did

Can we get an update? Or have the devs already clocked out for today?


I give up. See ya’ll tomorrow :grimacing:


Ya, if people are leaving the US servers and queuing up to the EU and AP servers it’s going to create a huge bottleneck - not really an ideal solution.

Now it says 20,000 players in que. Maybe it is fixed? HMMM

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well those who do that feel like they have the right to but other ppl cant play the game coz of that

Hey! I was wondering why my heros are locked despite having played overwatch for quite a few years I am unable to pick anyone aside from the heros who came free with the game?

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I will say on PC, the queue has been 0, 30000 or 40000 when not in a finding server / error cycle.

Now it is 20000 players. It shows some change on some level in the codebase and data.

they’re being ddos what do you nerds not get

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hello i bought the overwatch 2 watch point pack on the 16/7/2022 and after logging to both the ps4 and ps5 versions of overwatch 2 have not gotten what i have paid for

I bought the 10 dollar pack of currency for the battle pass and never received it

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Same here, so frustrating. I hope it is back up soon.

too bad so sad, I couldn’t get in for 5 hours.


I guess EU will be faster now because people will go to bed xD