Overwatch 2 Known Issues - October 25, 2022

Same issue here I’ve deleted and re downloaded 3 times no success

1000 posts, this was an actual wild ride


Four hours later and no update on the issue? Typical Blizzard standards :slight_smile:


I’m honestly a bit embarrassed to be an OW player that hyped this up to friends. What a letdown that will probably deter a LOT of potential players. Shame…


Which is fine, but you don’t study for an exam for at least a month, get a 50 and then come up with an excuse saying that the questions were different. Blizzard had 3 months to address these issues, they don’t get a free pass by any stretch.


bro honestly I was in queue for 5 hours and finally got in, and boom I got kicked 5 mins later lool

I literally don’t even have a pc acc and I can’t get in at all bc of that dumbass error message :skull: craziest part is is that my phone number is connected and verified too

If you’re talking about pre-paid, they never will because it’s too easy for a CHEATER to get a pre-paid to avoid ban.

Post-Paid is a regular cellphone provider. Which shouldn’t have any problems.

where are you seeing the account merge ): i can’t even see it at all

Im in, try again guys, should be able to play now

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How long did it take in queue?

JUST EDITING A REPLY BUT does anybody know how to fix the latest error code (that says unable to login)? I think it’s bc-108??

I’m done with queue, but connecting to a game server keeps failing

Workaround alert - Been waiting for 5 hours to play. I switched to Europe region in battlenet and it immediately did my merge with no issue, and now im in the game.


I wish it was that frking easy

Well, it means that your internet connection is not working, so you can’t connect to the server. Well… we can say it won’t be that right?

I am not surprised we are no able to play when they say we can. This happens just about with every game that has launched. I just dont get why but it does. Can’t say I am surprised.

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dude stay in the que in ur own region dont jump in the eu region ppl that live here cant get in coz ppl from other regions join in the que

Yo I actually got in with the EU this time lol

I know this wasn’t directed towards me, but thank you for this. I’ve been freaking out all day because everything’s gone lol. People are saying if I didn’t merge, my stuff would be gone, yet I only played on Xbox. I kept saying there was no reason to merge and now I’ve been second guessing myself all day :skull: