Overwatch 2 Known Issues - October 25, 2022

You tell people to open a ticket if there having an issue then have no way for them to open a ticket. You’re focusing on people having the wrong type of phone contract and it taking time for people to load into the game and give 0 i for on when myself or others are going to get the items we paid for back. Give me back my pink mercy!

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The only solution is waiting. According to Blizzard they are working on ideas to fix things client side first, and if that does not go to plan they gave an approximated week to go through with server side plans and ideas to fix these bugs.

we will just have to wait and see.

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I dont know if its a huge coincidence. But today I got disconnected when I got one of the new achievements on xbox. Happened to me twice and once to my friend. Since it happened 3 times in a short amount of time I suppose its a bug, might wanna look into that.

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Thank you for the transparency, the gameplay is crazy fun. Just want to dive in all weekend.

Was in a queue of 140000 for account merging 17 hours ago. Before maintenance I got down to 57000… I log back in and I am now in a queue of a WHOPPING 430000 PEOPLE. I am done, I was looking forward to this game. Too bad. To make matters worse my friends’ accounts merged immediately and they got 10x the amount of their comp points. If I don’t get the same I will never touch a blizzard game ever again. Don’t even get me started on the fact that it will take 33 weeks of playing FOR FREE just to earn enough coins for a singular Legendary skin. Very upset, thanks blizzard…

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bumping this, please check on this!

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nah bruh i accidently unlinked my switch account from my battle net and when i re linked it and logged in my skins werent there. could anyone help? i dont want 3 years of progress deleted :sob:

Got in
Account merge is still in Queue
But all my heroes are unlocked again
Also can see and changed my unlocked PC icons
They are making some progress at least
(I’m on PS5)

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Here, have some “unknown” issue

i have 32gb of ram and i crash upon launch

;-; i want my skins back :sob:

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Number 1: When I play Kiriko, I cannot use sprays, or communicate, I can only ping. (PS5)

Number 2: When I FINALLY got into the game, all of the buttons decided to go away, so all I could see was the background of the starter screen. (PC)

could anyone help please

they’ll come back. Dont worry. If u merged the Account it takes some time. But you’ll get everything back.

i didnt merge my account, im pretty sure if your account was connected to your previous console it would automatically merge the account, but i accidently unlinked it and re linked it and when i logged in my skins werent there ;-;

Seems they fix it for PS5 but not on XBox… I have the same error since the release. Can’t login at all. Depressing for real.

i just want my dr ziegler skin :sob:

but normally they should come back soon. they still trying 2 fix everything. Just be patient.

im on ps and nope…not fixed.

okay tysm ;-; ill be checking every day and contacting blizzard if it isnt in yet