Overwatch 2 Known Issues - October 25, 2022

how do you see it? i want to know how to check mine

I love that all of us have only this Overwatch League Icon from our progress haha

ive played the last 2 days, and now it keeps crashing upon launching…anything i can do?

Fill a ticket and wait… That’s all

My account merged successfully however I think I may be missing skins I previously owned. The one missing that I know is missing for certain is the Oni Genji skin.

Just click where it says account migration and it should show. I think it’s bugged though.

in the game? i’m not able to enter at all “unexpected server error” is there any way to see it out of the game

I was able to enter the game but progress is still missing.

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LC-208 error still :'v two days without play gg


getting an “the application encountered an unrecoverable error” Tried a scan and repair but still nothing.

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Every time I launch Overwatch, it prompts me with “The application encountered an unrecoverable error. Click ‘OK’ to create a memory dump, then please share it on our support site.”

You and many more… Try to fill a ticket to see if they can pinpoint where they messed up…
I disabled all overlays, reset in-game settings, repaired and then reinstalled the game restarted the computer (even unplugged it) ensured that my computer was all up to date and still get that crash

got back into the game just now and the account merge button still doesn’t work for me Please does anyone know any solution to this please No one is talking about this


I bought the Watchpoint Pack on the Playstation Store months ago, but have no premium battlepass or coins from it now. I tried both the PS4 and PS5 versions of Overwatch, it makes no difference.


Just fill a ticket… Imo, it’s a waste of time attempting fixes… The only thing that I’m missing is to reinstall Windows, well that’s not going to happen.

Also for reference

Hi there,
During battle, the moving characters glitches (they either move like the speed of Tracer or shows multiple same characters at once). But it’s not lagging since I can still aim/shoot/heal them and if they stop moving, the multi characters merge back at once. I’ve also tried matching the hugest frame rate with my pc (144Hz) and adjust video quality to lowest setting but didn’t work, :slightly_frowning_face:

I haven’t seen people complain about this but my FPS gets really low when I’m at the opening screen or some other menus.

Overwatch used to run at 200+ FPS and the menus would be locked at 60 FPS. In Overwatch 2 I get the same 200+ FPS while playing but the menus drop to like below 30 FPS for some reason.

Is there a setting that might be causing this or is it just poor UI optimization?

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Did you try reading the post you are replying to? What they are going to do is continue to work on the issues until they are fixed.

Don’t forget that all overwatch 1 players like me who are also considers paying customers as they have no way to access the original game they paid for.

Like what specific acknowledgement are you looking for. They have addressed working on the error codes. Your money went into them having the resources for working overnight, instead of the engineers having a good nights sleep.

The game is not going anywhere, and this limbo is guaranteed to not be permanent. You should know by now that it is weirder for launch for a game or expansion to actually go well on launch, rather than having bugs.

Like how can you be in the dark when you are literally replying to an update to what is happening in order to be transparent.


It might be some setting, before the last patch that got me locked out of the game completely on the menus I had the constant 60

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Honestly idc if you shut down OW for a few days to fix everything. I just want the missing stuff i own back, the watch point pack where i paid for and that my stats on my career profile are getting fixed cause everything is mixed up and a mess on my career profile after playing this game for 6 years and my account means a lot to me. I just hope everything is fixed soon