Overwatch 2 DLC or New Game?

Will it be an entire new game where I have to start over on skins ? or is it going to be like an expansion where I keep everything but a lot of stuff gets added ? I really don’t want to lose everything :frowning:

It’s redefining the sequel.


You keep all your skins. It’s more of a big PvE expansion and a drastic PvP update



Its both. But it does offer more changes to the game than other sequels do, like the Call of Duty sequels, Madden, FIFA, NBA2k,Assasins Creed, Guitar Hero, Five Nights at Freddy’s . Pokemon, etc, etc.
So calling it just an expansion or DLC is dumb.

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Solid troll post whether intentional or not. Well played

MAHUSSIVE PvE expansion for $60/£45 in addition to a free update to PvP. So you keep everything you have if you buy the MAHUSSIVE expansion.

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You can find a good remind of what is OW2 in the first threads of the “General discussions” of the forum. It is edited by Wyoming myst (green user post) with all useful information of what we know about OW2 and were it’s said.

Don’t accept any kind of speculation about OW2 without a good source :wink:

And most important: don’t worry. We probaly will waiting so loooong time for next news about release :sweat_smile:.

edit: here. Good reading, man

Dlc disguised as a sequel. Skins are planned to carry over.

All the overwatch 2 content will be in overwatch 1, except the PvE and the new skins, so maybe is an expansion

Technically a revamp from OW1 that will make it OW2.0 with a PvE locked content that will have a price.

In reality yes, a DLC that will carry a free engine update and PvP content to the current game.

Its just fortnite save the world but overwatch

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