Overwatch 2 Beta Twitch Drops Troubleshooting - UPDATED INFO

still nothing, linked and claimed. LunaWolf30#1816

Wow finally got it after 10hrs

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I’m very sad to see there’s still a few left to get in. It seems like what they’re doing is working, so just hang in there <3

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Still not in, linked and claimed - Bilandzia#1424

im still not in, could you perhaps get someone to check my ticket? i can provide the number

Approaching hour 10 hoping to get in soon

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Maybe it was the 10 hour wait… maybe it’s because its just a BETA with limited features. But… wow I’m really let down. Thanks for the opportunity I guess. Feels like the exact same game but somehow less balanced and more chaotic. Probably not going to play this again until maybe full release. :confused:

After 10 hours, I got it.

Somewhere around 9 hours later, the game version above the play button has the beta listed finally for me and has the install option. Hang in there guys.

Its currently 11:42, still have not gotten in, eating chicken nuggets with a fudge brownie while watching mr conar pant eater.

Took a break and came back and finally got in!! Thanks support and good luck to everyone else who is still waiting.

Worked for me just now after 9+ hours, EU.

Stuck at work though, can’t wait to finish the shift to try it out.


Fellow 9 Hour Kings and Queens, stay strong. Your turn will come, even if it seems hopeless.

I’m sadly still not in :frowning:

Stay strong we’ll make it in soon

We wait. We wait some more. We are still waiting.

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10 hour gang here, stay strong folks!

Sooner or later we will get in with everyone else.

i redeemed the gift at exactly 5pm est when it became available, i am very disheartened i cannot get in. please get someone to my ticket…

At 8:40 I got access, Thank you very much for all these hours of hard work