Overwatch 2 Beta Twitch Drops Troubleshooting - UPDATED INFO

they’re speedrunning. sigma grindset

I did. filler filler filler

i didn’t participate in that. This was my first drop event.

Yeah I claimed basically as soon as you could like 7 or 6 hours ago. I even took a nap and came back to still nothing. My tag is AurasMagic#1324

Thank you. We really do appreciate it.

Part of the 7 hour club now

Thank you for your continued effort <3

Andy please I am begging on my knees at this point

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I am leaving my battle tag here in case someone sees that can fix, i cannot remember when i linked my battlenet with twitch but i did get the legendary loot boxes for this month so i know its linked to the correct account Kylespark#1773

preach, brother. we will get through this.

Appreciate your hard work and dedication!

Andy is the real mvp thank you for everything :heart:

7 Hour Gang Rise. Hoping soon that this will get situated so we all can experience the beta.

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Honestly I just appreciate the updates that keep coming. Thank you for keeping us posted while we wait.

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I am still waiting for my Beta drop, and I didn’t participate in any of the recent drops, I don’t know when I linked my account on twitch’s side but I’m pretty sure before the revamp in 2021.

ty for all the effort andy

remember when everyone was joking about the 5 hour club hats? good times good times.


Appreciate the staff for sticking with everyone. It gives us hope!

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Heroes never die. :wink:

although a Blue did not say to DO it, by posting that SOME people did that and it worked, they indirectly made some people believe they could do that and now they are on the same predicament as you are in. I hesitated and I am glad i did