Overwatch 2 Beta Twitch Drops Troubleshooting - UPDATED INFO

How are you almost 8?

It started 7 hours and 2 minutes ago.

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This exactly. We’re the ones specifically staying up and monitoring this. Most have gone to bed or moved on to something else and will probably check back later once it’s all resolved. I’m sure I’m not alone but I set today aside specifically for this and I’m staying up just for this one singular reason. Give us our keys individually then comb through your lists as many times as it takes for the silent few.


One can only hope it will be the last

still here, still troubleshooting with the team


same. characters characters

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I didn’t participate in any of the recent drops, I don’t know when I linked my account on twitch’s side but I’m pretty sure before the revamp in 2021. When I didn’t get access initially I checked the connections section on the battlenet side and added twitch there since it wasn’t already, that was 5hrs ago.

edit: It showed up shortly after posting, probably pure coincidence but I’ll take it. GL boys.

Still nothing. I first had my twitch account linked on Twitch’s end. I redeemed the drop that was appropriately linked to my current account. I realized that it wasn’t appropriately linked on Blizzard’s end, and linked it there. The below area that says what permissions you had didn’t display twitch, so I disconnected, reconnected, and did the same on Twitch. Now definitively part of 7 hour gang. :frowning:


Finally I got it after 7 hours, heck I went to sleep for some time between this. I tried one last time to boot the game up, then go and clear the cache one last time and now im downloading it. >.<

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Please hurry we are all excited

appreciate you still trying.

I linked my twitch/battle.net account easily over a year ago, but I also disconnected and reconnected, because some information out there said that’d help. also ZKY#11184, cause the cool kids are doing it

you should join us no the discord

regardless of the outcome, i do appreciate the effort. thank you

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Time travelers. They’re everywhere.

I accidentally unlinked and relinked my twitch to battle.net after I received the confirmation I got the beta. It wasn’t working and I thought that might fix it. I also did not have my battle.net linked to my twitch but I’ve heard that’s irrelevant to the problem

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Thank you very much.

AndyB about to see some barkin from me. :dog:

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set me free please. i will be forever grateful

I don’t remember exactly but it was at least a few years ago when I was active in HoTS almost daily. Maybe a year or two after Twitch announced integration with Bnet so, 2016-2017?

good luck! hope you guys find a solution soon!