Overwatch 2 Beta Twitch Drops Troubleshooting - UPDATED INFO

Not sure if it has anything to do with the problem, but my Twitch and Blizzard accounts have been linked since the early OWL days, at least from Twitch’s side. However, Twitch was not present under the Authorized Applications section. Linking from the Blizzard side to Twitch did not change this. I went against recommendations here and disconnected/reconnected from the Twitch side, and it did show up under Authorized Applications. Again, not sure if this matters, just haven’t seen anyone mention it much.

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linked my account today before 10 AM

Almost 8hr gang… :yawning_face: :yawning_face: :yawning_face:

If theres anyone who relinked their Bnet to their Twitch after claiming the drop gets in, please lmk!

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Its a feels bad when I checked yesterday that it was connected but kept the old name after name change and I didnt notice. Hope that doesnt ruin it all

Just got in after 6-7 hr wait, hope exists!


Just wondering what was necessary to see that you were in? Did you just do ‘check for update’ or did you restart bnet?

I used to think 5 hr gang would be on the hat. Now it’s gonna be 8

Idk at this point. I’m just going to reiterate everything. I’ve had my accs connected on Twitch AND on Bnet since before the drops started. Claimed my drop exactly 4 hours after it started. Still no access. I can give screenshots. Idk what else I need to do at this point lol. I did everything right along with many others :frowning: just unfortunate


7 hour gang fr fr rf rf fr fr

Mine just showed up, installing.

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7 hours and still can’t play the beta.

I originally linked it for the dva nano challenge and didnt have to worry about it for echos challenge but I did have to relink before the beta drops started

I can offer the $7.68 in my bnet wallet for a solution.

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i did not participate

We graduating to 8 hours boys and girls CONGRATS!!!

Never changed Battletag, and my twitch is linked long time ago

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8hr gang :kissing: :kissing_heart: ez clap

7 hours sadge… im gonna drop my tag though. magix#11951

on the twitch sides of things, on the battle net side was 30 min after watching 4 hours and claiming the key