Overwatch 2 Beta Twitch Drops Troubleshooting - UPDATED INFO

I got it, get rekt cy@

If you remove the currently active connection, you can only immediately reconnect to the account that you’ve disconnected. I have just tested this and can verify that it only stops you from adding a new twitch account for a 7 day period.

Edited: Forgot this bit → From Blizzard’s side, not Twitch’s side.


Yeah but they didn’t specify if this applies on Blizzards end. You can connect your account through both platforms, Twitch allows you to reconnect with no consequences. Blizzard however gives you a warning of 7 days. I read the post, but there is no specification.

already done, didn’t work for me, but ty for posting <3

didn’t work already tried

Hey folks,

Do NOT disconnect and reconnect your Blizzard accounts. This may cause further delays.

The TLDR: we are seeing very few errors in granting of the license. The system is processing beta access being granted, however it may take several hours to do so, especially if you connected your Blizz/Twitch accounts later in the day (or after the campaign had begun).

We know that folks are eagerly anticipating playing the beta, and I am sorry if you’re experiencing severe FOMO right now. Please be reassured we’re working through the entire list of claims, and that the beta lasts for over 2 more weeks


How are we holding up, 4 hour gang? :frowning: Stay strong people, we WILL get through this!


Ok thanks. This is what I needed to know.

Oh yeah, it is PTO haha! Just was too hyped about OW2 to miss out. I guess we are in the same bucket then!

so what happens if you updated your tag and claimed on twitch that still shows the old name is the beta pass just lost?

hm this the same guy who recommended the disconnect? RIP


I just did it because it was suggested in a blue post in this very thread :sob: send help


I claimed my drop, I made sure my account is connected and everything I even redownloaded battlenet and I still don’t have access its been 3 hours already.

Can you make it 2 weeks and 1 day? :c Need to makeup day

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I wish I knew that before I did it… well, guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


fantastic… now I have to wait even longer. cheers!

I finally got my access after I clicked “Play” in regular overwatch, then quit the game. If you tried everything else, try this.

Thank you for update! I guess I will head to bed then (3 AM here). Hopefully I can play OW2 Beta tommo- I mean, later today haha!

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Well holding up like you saved your evening to spend it with your friends but since you’re the only one not getting the beta access, you’re stuck at watching series listening to your friends having fun on OW2… not great.

Best part is, all these hours later, still no official fix except to wait.