Overwatch 2 Beta Twitch Drops Troubleshooting - UPDATED INFO

I’ve asked this question in twitter, forums and tickets and players with the same question still hasn’t got a response yet, instead you are just answering the same exact questions over and over.

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no there is a 7 day CD on connections, told me so 2 mins ago

I understand that servers were flooded and there was high traffic. What is really upsetting is that in the over three hours i’ve been waiting on the download to show up all my friends have already finished for the night. Some of them started watching streams 2 hrs after me and instantly got in the second they claimed their drops.


I see that.
Also, please check my post(s) above stating the wait times I had.

I said before: i was one of the early birds. Wait times PROBABLY got up after that because more and more people started claiming drops and trying to log in with time…

about 1hours i claim my drop still dont have it what i can do ?

my twitch acount is linked and battle net acount to…

Update, do not do this.


Again, and I want to stress this, this isn’t an official fix. I’m relaying what I’ve been seeing in broader community chatter across various platforms


I was also one of the early birds and I’m currently waiting 3 hours and 18 minutes. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with how early u claimed it

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at this point, just wait friend. i’m on 3+ hours so far

done it twice now and nothing. also tried every other “fix” on here and nothing i’m at the 3 hour waiting mark now.

Tried linking and unlinking my account on twitch, restarted bnet client multiple times but still cant get beta access after 3 hours of claiming my beta access. Is it looking like the servers are going that slow or do i have a larger issue?

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I started watching an hour before drops went live and kept watching the entire time. I still do not have the game even though it is claimed on Twitch. We are not each other’s enemy lol, although there is something to be upset about here: Blizzard simply has not handled this well.


From what I can tell, there is no official queue for drops as I did my claim 40 minutes before my friend and he got it before me. (The official key in Bnet)

Disconnecting and reconnecting my Twitch & Blizz accounts did not work for me :frowning: Guess I’ll just have to hope it’s fixed by tomorrow morning. I’m too tired for this now.


Okay, thank you. I understand you all are dealing with a lot right now and appreciate the assistance.

same here. 3 hours + now getting ridiculous


my friend claimed it 30 mins after i did and he got in instantly and i’m still waiting for 3 hours now.

Been waiting nearly 4 hours after i got my drop hope there is a solution soon…

I tried that and it doesn’t work, it’s still the same.


claimed the drop 2hrs ago and still nothing

“Disconnecting it on twitch and reconnecting?”

It worked for me! Downloading beta now!