Overwatch 2 Beta Twitch Drops Troubleshooting - UPDATED INFO

Will trade homemade cookies for Beta Download :slight_smile:

it’s been over 2 hours for me now, and I live in uk it’s now midnight, so might just go bed lol, maybe we should all just watch a movie or something cause I don’t think we’re getting in anytime soon :<

But how is it easy? Explain to me how it’s so easy for them?

Do you have inside knowledge on the process of granting beta access to over 500k accounts using a secondary website to claim the access?

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My disappointment is immeasurable and my day night is ruined


I cleared by cache multiple times logged out logged back in and my beta still didn’t show up. What else is there to do?

We’ve been seeing folks get in steadily for the last few hours now.

If you’ve been waiting for over an hour now, please double check that your Battle.Net account is linked to your Twitch account. Also, please make sure that you have a license for Overwatch (the retail game) on the account (although if you’re posting here…)


I don’t know if linking the Twitch acount to Battle.net was mandatory period to get the access or if you do it afterwards you still get it but have to wait longer. I don’t know. However still trying afterwards is free so…

I claimed the drop but it seems I forgot to connect to Twitch on Battle.net connections, but I did connect Battle.net through Twitch connections before claiming the drop.

Will I still get beta access if I connected the Battle.net account (on the battle.net site) to Twitch after claiming the drop?

Wow, thanks captain obvious

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been over 2 hours for me and i have confirmed everything


LMFAO they created the problem themselves by having this be a Twitch thing - it never had to be

And then second, they have battle.net client - just give the option to download ahead of time so on the 27th it’s there if you wanted it

Like, it’s not hard guys


OWL just tweeted out that they are only giving out 1500 keys per hours… is that actually correct because if so that means you only have like a 0.001% chance of getting in each hour and its gonna take the full month to give out all the keys? wtf

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I’ve been waiting for two hours and 21 minutes. I’ve refreshed my cache and made sure all my accounts are correct. I also have a license for the account. I have no idea what’s wrong.

If you add it within the first hour after you redeemed the drop, you shouldn’t have a big delay. Any longer than that will cause significant delays


Not sure I agree that anything they’re doing here is scummy. It’s an hour or 2 inconvenience to test the game. You can always wait until next year and pay for the game if that’s more your style.

I have both an account and my twitch is properly linked, it has been 3 hours almost now… cmon devs


been 2 hours, all of this has already been done. Still no download. This is very poggers.

Hi Andy,

I’ve been over 2 hours now. My account is linked. My wife got hers in 5 minutes and we claimed at the exact same time. I had previously changed my battletag in the past and I unlinked and relinked prior to completing the 4 hours and claiming the drop.

Is that causing a problem with accounts being granted access? Did I screw myself over?

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Quadruple checked everything, followed instructions above multiple times, been 2 hours 15 minutes and no beta download option.

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My BNET account has been linked to my Twitch account for months. I also double checked last night to be sure. Still nothing for nearly 3 hours.