Overwatch 2 Beta Twitch Drops Troubleshooting - UPDATED INFO

Have fun for all of us :slight_smile:

i bet you arent even excited to play it anymore. 9 hours, just a joke

You know what call a small portion of a larger group of of individuals? A subgroup. And I know you’re tired, but please don’t read my message as saying the issue wouldn’t get fixed. Just that the larger portion of the group got in. Maybe hold off on the legalese though, certainly no contracts were formed here.

Guys I just got in after 9+ hours… dont worry they are working hard to get us all in but there’s just sooooooooooo many of us.



I have a feeling they know many of us won’t be getting access but don’t want to deal with the backlash by telling us that. They’ve already wasted our time by having us watch the streams and not holding up their end of the bargain, the least they could do is be honest and upfront about the situation so that we don’t waste even more time.

Blizzard, if capacity has been reached just say so…you owe us at least that much.

We’re still here running through the full list. Thanks for hanging in there.


Oh my god I just got in too, and I relinked my Twitch earlier. Don’t give up hope!!!

for a closed beta you didnt pay for? lol come to the real life my friend

Finally got in!! only took 9 hours of waiting and 4 hours of watching stream
cheers Green and Blue

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Thanks for working so hard. We really appreciate it. ICT#11104

Enjoy the game! Good luck

ya the blue guys here we love you

thanks for all the hard work andy :slight_smile:

Thank you! We’ll keep hanging in there!

My lord, we had not heard from you in such a long time. We were organizing a search party.


lost many soldiers just now boys but i’m still here 9 hour gang going strong.

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We’ll get there, I believe

9 hour gang is coming in hot

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Guess I’m headed to bed then. If access isn’t there tomorrow then I’ve lost all hope.

FrostMTD#2107 please get me in :frowning: