Overwatch 2 Beta Twitch Drops Troubleshooting - UPDATED INFO

It’s a test to see if your account was linked during that event.

Noting here either!

I just checked in game and did get the Reaper sprays, but not the Beta. Both are under claimed!

Everything linked correctly, did all the troubleshooting, claimed the drop at 5 pm eastern. Nothing. Please help.

Edited to remove Btag and to mark my issue as resolved

I got the code of violence sprays, but still no ow2 beta… 8 hour gang here we come

Do not do this. it will add to the delay


I did not participate in the twitch sprays. I got the in game skins and sprays.

I did not participate in any of those.

Thanks for your input so far everyone, a good portion of you said no you did not. Some of you said yes.

For those that yes, you did participate in Reaper’s Code of Violence event to get Twitch streamer sprays, do you remember making any significant change to your BattleNet account, especially such as changing your battletag since that event?

For those that have said no, do you remember exactly when you linked your Twitch account? Please remember that Twitch significantly revamped their Drops system in early 2021 and I am trying to decide if there is a pattern here.

I do have the 3 sprays of code of violence but no beta yet, and as far as I know I have both my twitch and bnet linked

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I didn’t participate in that, still waiting for 6-7 hours now

Guess i’ll drop my tag as well…

7 hour gang reporting in, still nothing

been waiting since 4:30ish and still nothing


i like how they said this was a for sure way to get into the beta and they cant even keep that

Also waiting 8 hours UwU

No, I have never changed my BattleNet tag.

i had to change everything up starting yesterday. everything was in working order then.

awesome, trying to troubleshoot earlier added to delays! yay! nutrio#1480

I remember doing something twitch-overwatch related to get the first round of legendary lootboxes, not the ones that JUST came out but some ones earlier.