Overwatch 2 Beta Twitch Drops Troubleshooting - UPDATED INFO

On one hand that’s great, and glad to hear it’s being worked on.

On the other hand, it kinda doesn’t matter because I’d bet most people don’t have six hours of free time in their day and have kind of just given up on getting in tonight. Their plans for the night is already ruined, getting access in two more hours doesn’t mean that much. For some of us, this was the one night this week we had free to play with friends, and the night is already over.

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I am crying on the inside right now…and on the outside.


Is there any update on how licenses are being distributed? By region? By drop claim time? I’m approaching the six hour mark and have tried everything. I’m the only person on my friend’s list that doesn’t have the Beta in their launcher but claimed the drop before 85-90% of them. Seriously frustrating watching people who claimed the drop 2 hours ago get in and I’ve been waiting significantly longer.


Understand the team is hard at work but man this is so disappointing

As an update, we have finished investigating reports for players who have claimed their Beta drop but not yet received access to the Beta:

  • Many of these players have not yet actually linked their Battle.Net account to their Twitch account and must do that first - Linking Your Twitch or Youtube Account - Blizzard Support has instructions
  • For those players who have linked their accounts already, we expect to complete processing license grants in the next hour. Thank you for your patience.

I’ll be here monitoring this thread over the next several hours to make sure folks get in

Again, our sincere apologies and we appreciate the entire 5 hour gang


how do we see this? I can’t see it, beta access denied :broken_heart:

We love a supportive King :crazy_face: :sparkling_heart: :sparkles:


an eta. thank you kind king andy

ty andy!!! we will continue to be patient

thanks for the update. <3 and everyones hard work. I know this has been stressful for everyone

I don’t see the beta forums, even after relog.

So as long as it shows on both Twitch and Battlenet we should get access within the hour?

Thank you for the effort Andy! :smiley:

Any estimates on our hats?

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I have had my twitch, bnet and youtube already linked to each other prior to this.
I hope for everyone’s sake including the staff that it gets done and everyone that claimed the drops is able to receive them.

Thank you, i’ve connected it an hour or 2 ago (only connected battle.net to twitch, not vice versa before), so i hope i can get on the OW2 gang soon as well

I have everything connected both ways and have been waiting since 2pm PT. Hope what you say is true.

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I presume if we were able to claim other stuff from twitch like the lootboxes and see them appear in-game then the second point is relevant to us

Almost 6hr gxng quite unfortunate