Overwatch 2 Beta Twitch Drops Troubleshooting - UPDATED INFO

6 hours I’ve had the drop and can’t play. All my friends are on and playing. I quit my stream because I have lost heart over this. Blizzard has ruined my night by being the same company they have always been. Sorry folks, go home. No new leaf has been turned here.


5 hours later… still nothing. i joined a stream at 12:58PM thinking that i’d get my 4 hours from 1PM-5PM and be playing by now. Really disappointed. Two of my friends have access, and myself and two others are left out.

We can’t even play using someone else’s account, they’ve locked that out.


wooooo 5 hour gang!!!

its the best gang :slight_smile:

i wouldnt go as far to say that because this beta wouldnt even be happening if it werent for the microsoft deal passing through keeping the current employess under watch. more has been done in the past 3 months than 3 years

at this point, I might make a hat


Not to sound like a broken record like most of the others, I had claimed my drop at roughly 5 eastern and haven’t received access. I had to reconnect my blizzard account to my twitch roughly when WyomingMyst had recommended this and saw it was disconnected for some reason.
I was wondering if there was anything else I can do to help raise the chance that it may show up, in case it’s something on my end still.

Since I can’t post extra replies I’ll just say I’m still waiting roughly 2 hours later, twitch was reconnected today before the drops window on the twitch side with the original linking happening back in OWL season 1.

Quintessence#11978 in case it helps.


please do id like one

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Are there OW Forums drops? Any lootboxes from watching this thread?


make it customizable so we can flex how long we waited

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Not a good idea if they dont plan on fixing it before hour 6

please make some hats and send em out :skull:

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5hour wasted,I still can’t play ow2Beta

We shouldn’t have to wait for another hope and a prayer! I opted in the very second the beta was announced. I lost out. I then woke up way early and watched 4 f-ing hours to get the drop to play. I got the drop and the game isn’t showing. I’m tired and exhausted. I’m a small streamer and was going to stream this. A “second beta” isn’t going to be any better. Blizzard is only good at one thing and that’s being a sh-it company.

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this is just sad how does blizzard think its a good idea to have everyone get all of the drops at the exact same time, how ignorant do they have to be think having probably around 500k players all claiming the beta at the exact same time, and then some of us just fall through the cracks and can’t play the game

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same thing happened to me, i would really like to know a solution to this issue

going out of town tomorrow, wont be able to play until sometime next week… was hoping id get the chance to play sometime tonight.

guess we’ll still have to wait :^(

hang in there gamers

I would love a profile picture of 5 hour gang


5 hour gang <3 I appreciate all the work that is being done and the mods here that have stayed in the forum with us keeping us updated <3


knock knock 6 hours gang wants to come in

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