Overwatch 2 Beta Controller Settings

Blizzard Overwatch team! Please read this! Overwatch on console has various sensitivity settings, from aim assist strength to the aim technique. They are very useful but overwatch AND overwatch 2 beta are missing THE most important sensitivity setting for controller players… that being Deadzone sensitivity. Not having deadzone sensitivity as an adjustable setting in overwatch is handicapping as a controller player. Different controllers have different deadzones, meaning if you want optimal/minimal deadzone you need to be able to adjust it in game. Most shooters have this setting for controller. To name a few, Apex, Call of Duty, Fortnite, Rainbow 6 Siege. So why does overwatch 2 not have it? I was expecting to see a deadzone setting in overwatch beta 2 and was disappointed to see it was not added. I’m hoping this feedback on the beta can spark some interest in adding a deadzone sensitivity to overwatch 2 in October. The controller community(especially sweats) would greatly appreciate it! Also, when trying to adjust your X & Y sensitivity on overwatch beta 2 console, you can only move the dial by increments of 10. Thank you for reading!


I hope they see this.


100% agree. The sensitivity slider being in increments of 10 is making it different for me to really fine tune my aim also the sliders for reticle customisation is broken, I have a dot sight and want to make the size a 3 however the slider will only jump to the largest size or smallest. I’m surprised these issues are in the beta as OW1 doesn’t have this problem.


Hey guys, I found out how to make your settings in OW2 beta completely changeable. In OW1 you hold x(square on ps5) to fine tune the number of each setting. Although it doesn’t show you have the ability to fine tune in OW2 beta, you do. So hold X/Square on settings you would like to fine tune.

Surprise no deadzone settings!

the game has been out for more than 7 years almost so i dont think they are going to put in any dead zones for consoles