Overwatch 2 account changed

Hey I’ve been trying to merge my account for 5 days but when I click on account merge it says account changed and puts me in queue anyone know how to fix it???


Howdy ChuteMi,

There’s been delays and long processing times for account merging, which you can read about here. Your account should eventually complete the merging but in this case, the only thing we can suggest is to continue waiting until it fully processes.

That’s not the issue it will never merge because it says it’s finished and then you reset the game and it resets your place in the queue. The account changed message is the issue that nobody has addressed.

ChuteMi did you ever find out a way to get your account to merge because I’m having the same problem

Same problem here. First I played on console then I wanted to merge with my pc acc and now everytime I play ow2 all my skins progress are gone. Im really disappointed. I want my stuff back. Also all my heroes are locked its like Ive started a new fresh acc with nothing on it. Send help.


Bro you guys really need to fix this because Friday it said completed after waiting over a week and then it just put me back in queue, I wasted money on the game and now I can’t even play with the cosmetics I own that’s just so dumb. And I even made a ticket or whatever but no one ever responded and it’s been a week. I just want my account to be merged that’s it and you guys can’t even do that?

I’ve had the issue since ow2 launch. What made it worse is that the game has no recollection that i used to play so ALL my skins and golden guns are gone. yall need to get on this quick

Why has the problem not been addressed AT ALL? Everyone dealing with this specific problem with account merging are still dealing with it. I’ve opened a ticket with you guys just to be told there is nothing they can do right now? What is that? All players are asking for is acknowledgement that this issue will be handled at some point. But no, apparently not.

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