Overwarch Android website?


Hello people of these forums so my friend found this website and was really excited about Overwatch coming to mobile and I was really confused when he said that since I heard anything about that coming out. So when i checked the website i quickly noticed that the website wasn’t secure and this made me even more suspicious and when ever I clicked any of the tabs on the website it lead me to a 404 error. the website is really incomplete and I don’t think blizzard would ever make a website and make it public looking like this. That is all I wanted to say and I hope this will bring awareness to this and tell me what you guys think.

the website url is http :// overwatchandroid. com


Overwatch isn’t coming to Android it’s probably jut a virus site


Honestly seems like it.


Yeah that is what i thought and i told my friend and i really hope he hasn’t typed in some personal information


I would advise you to avoid any suspicious content because it’s a pretty obvious scam I’m not sure how your friend didn’t realize that


yeah not sure either


I like how “Watch any news!” not working and “Download for free!” redirects you to Google. Its fake but for a joke its really great.


well I sent a ticket about it to blizzard and I’ll let them deal with it