Overhaul OW 2019 or rip

  1. reset the terrible reworks you made, taking identity away from hanzo, making him a generic legolas mcree spam character instead of hotfixing the scattershot to be a concistent skill shot that ppl where butthurt about if they got outplayed with it, mercy is a mess and now torb is a copy pasta splatoon ult shaman totem turret hero…
  2. 3 wins u get a loot box. the game is beyond garbage and needs rewards asap.
  3. stop doing horrible logic nerfs like u did doomfist and brigitte while taking away their entire purpose. Now we have random gravity defying movement if doomfist uppercuts you. What an effing joke. Hey I got countered I need to counter the thing that countered me blizz * hold my beer*
  4. rework junkrat the most cancer character in the game. He’s either garbage or beyond op because of no skill stupid tire. Whoever gave him 2 tires to jump should be removed from the character development dev peeps.
  5. make ults matter. Rework most of them. The game has become a who ults first at the beginning and end of matches.
  6. avoid as teammate should have no limits outside of competitive. Let us remove dogs–t players if we can.
  7. stop making heros to change the meta just because. It’s made the game worse and unplayable in a span of a year and a half.
  8. stop making meme heros- you ruined the potential OW lore when you introduced hammond. Whatever you proceed doing won’t matter anymore. congratz on that. Hopefully he’s long forgotten once you make other heros.

You got less than a year or you will be the next HOTS. GL you’ll need it.


1: Torbjorn is a lot stronger now! Hanzo is not a throw pick anymore! Symmetra is more fun to play! Etc
2: Good enough for everyone.
3: Doomfists nerfs may be a bit too much, but brigitte is balanced now, even after 6 nerfs before the shield bash nerf, brigitte could be a flanker dps.
4: Junkrat is near useless in higher tiers, stop running into his bombs.
5: Maybe decent option, there is a huge diffrence between good ults and bad ones. But it depends on the team.
6: Some people just wanna chill outside of comp, no need to avoid them :smiley:
7: Did you want dive meta for 3 years?
8: Ashe and hammond arent meme heroes, Hammond and winston were the only ones who left the colony after it was murdered by monkeys.

Overwatch may need a few changes, but its fine.


The sodium levels in this post are lethal. This all seems like personal gripes with the game, not universal dislikes.


I agree on the title idea.

I don’t agree with op points.

Activision-blizzad just need to do their job better and faster. Like real devs of a real living game.


I think tire is his ult, you refere to mines there.
Also junkrat was never a problem imo.

Then what is winston?
Meme hero would be jetpack cat, hammond is actualy not made because of mems.

This two points show why we cant have nice things, but insted we gona get more OWL stuff, those people who like esport complain but at least they seem to have more logical problems.


Jetpack was a designed up hero. Next you will be bad mouthing Mama Hong, and we can’t have that can we?


Welp, jetpack cat and this mama hong would be actualy heroes people would be able to call meme heroes. Not gona complain about those to much, but thats just what they would be.


Lost me on OP Junkrat, you kidding me? And I hate him but if he’s OP then I’m the Pope.


Why because they were part of the original pitch? that kinda of makes them less meme.

Do you have the funny hat?

Or is that bears? does a bear have a funny hat? do you… you know… in the woods?

I think I need sleep. The sun has just come up.


You’re an absolute idiot.

Hanzo with scatter was a troll pick, Hanzo with storm arrow is perfectly viable. How and in what way did they ruin Hanzo? Because you actually have to half aim instead of shooting a wall or floor now?

If scatter was such a skill shot then why was it known as the shoot your feet because I can’t aim ability?


I think it might be too late already.

It’s a weird feeling when i think of Overwatch, weird because i don’t really feel anything towards the game. Just six months ago i was so passionate about this game, and now nothing. Teammate is toxic, don’t feel anything. I lose/win a match, don’t feel anything.

I know for a fact I’m not the only one, I hope one day this gets better, but i feel like the hope is all in vain. I’m just tired, the only joy i get in this game is when i occasionally can play a game with Tracer, without an enemy Brig. last time when i played this game was 2 weeks ago, i have had breaks before, but there is a high chance this is it for me, but I’ll root for you guys, that still have hope.


When this Mama Hong was show as part of anything in overwatch? I just know that from forum people.
And cat was shown, true, but just as a kid project of brig, and i daubt that she have acces to something that would make cat smart enaught to use guns agains people. (mayby if that would be something like secret talon project that would work, but i dont know)


She was in the original character designs. Jetpack cat was as well.
You can see them both in the art book. Along with Heroes like Echo.


Here is the original character set.

Jetpack cat in essence became Pharah.


You can’t have both. Either ults matter, or they don’t


Mayby im blind, but i dont see cat there XD
also again, cat was alredy added as a part of story of someone.

Hong i didnt saw before, thank you, i was watching other arts of titan but never saw this hero.


There are FAR better pictures of jetpack in the art book.

Think, anthropomorphic airship pirate, and you get a closer idea.

Anyway, the point being is that it wasn’t really a meme, but, had a bunch of concept art. Was considered but ultimately discarded from the game.

you know, because it was too silly, but the hamster and winston is fine :slight_smile:


Didn’t get how hanzo lost his identity. He was always a skillful bowman assasin, his new abilities only make those traits be more apparent in him.

Didn’t really get the brig part. With shield bash not going through other shields she has to actually think and look for a moment to pull of a fight-changing bash, and it makes ability skillful and far from as mindless as it was initially. With damage nerf it still has a lot of disrupt potential but doesn’t do everything for her anymore. She has to rely on other things to deal damage.

Tire is junk’s ult. Didn’t get when did junk get 2 tires and how it helps him jump. Maybe you’re talking about the mine?

make ults matter.

But… they do matter… and you brag about them mattering at the same time as asking for them to matter…

Matter = have value, mean something. If ults would decide less then they matter less.


hanzo scatter was his identity… he could have had way more interesting choices instead of a cliche bow spam attack…

Brig’s issue is a game issue. Ppl still run into shields because they don’t have unit collision. Hence winston shield is garbage let alone it’s absorb amount. Junkrat running into reinhart like a stupid &^& and getting away with it because yes. That entire shield design needs an overhaul.

Ults don’t matter as much as you think. Phara can .5 sec kill ppl if it hits the ground, junkrat ult can be pressed instantly, reapers ult is RNG damage, literally if you jump u do more damage WTF, Zen’s ulti is garbage, doomfist ult is crap as well, you even get punished by doing it because you will get 1 shotted touching the ground even if u kill somebody, his shield is useless. And so on. THE GAME NEEDS AN OVERHAUL OR IT DIES THIS YEAR.


I though his playstyle and visual design was his identity, not 1 ability that was niche and was making him niche. Old hanzo was always mainly viable in hands of those who can land headshots with regular shots by good prediction or just by lucky spam, and that didn’t change much

If people do mistakes doesn’t neccesarily mean there’s something wrong with the game. Only means there’s more to the game than what average joe can do in the first hours of playing it, which means it at least has some depth.

Yes ults not mattering as much is exactly what i’m saying. But you’re saying they are what dictates who wins and who loses, which means they matter too much. But you alsy say they don’t matter as much which is confusing to me.