Over30Watch competitive team

There is a group of 4 of us who play regularly. We are looking for other adults to play with. We would love to have a regular 6 stack to come together and play together. Cannot be a bigot. Must be LGBTQ friendly. We maintain a positive attitude and like to play with strategy. 100% must have left leaning politics. We are adults- in between matches we talk about real life and we don’t want to spend our time arguing about b.s. or listening to you spout off nonsense.
If this seems like something you could get down on send us a message on this account. We can play a few rounds together and if you are a good fit you will receive an invitation to join us regularly.
Take Care

Over 30 but I’m a liberal centrist so don’t believe political parties do anything but trash each other without thinking about how to do better for the people.

You’ll either enjoy the chat or kick me out the group for choosing not to vote :joy:

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Why wouldn’t you vote though? Don’t get me wrong, our two party system is failing this country big time, and I’m as tired of the “blame the other guys instead of improving ourselves” attitude of the major parties as anyone, but I still do my research on all the major candidates and vote for who I think is best for my state & country. What’s the point in getting mad about it if I’m not going to at least exercise my voice in the limited ways I can?

My name is Peter. I’m 29 and would love to join you guys. PSN is CaptPete15.

Hey my name is Landon, I’m 18 and would love to try out your group I’m a tank main I mostly play Winston but can play a ok Reinhardt PSN Big_Taco210.