Our progress so far

Any thoughts on adding an “MVP” endorsement that you can only give out say… once a day? For someone who was really exceptional?


My language is the best man, not english!

Anyway, yes english is good for international things.

What country are you from? I’m from Eastern Europe and i get 180 ping regulary, even though it isn’t that much of a difference.


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what about endorsements? any changes happening to them?

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I’ve had a really great experience with the LFG system, introduced it to my cousin last night and we made three new friends!

I’d just like to suggest that the chevron arrows above a hero should dynamically reflect the role of the hero being played. For Tanks they’d have a :shield:, Supports would have a +, and Damage the three bullets. This would greatly help team co ordination being able to quickly identify where heroes are.

The recent addition of the Endorsements system, and the LFG System was an amazing step in the right direction… and we all Love the updates about them.

But please Jeff, Please give us something about Bastion.

Some of us have started to feel hurt and neglected even with these systems in place, And we just want Something… Anything. even the smallest of hints.

Here’s a good place if you, Or anyone else here, Feels like sharing something with us anytime soon… {💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored. (100+ Likes, 1000 Responses!)}

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Yes, I totally agree. I myself have only completed a few FPS (F.E.A.R frachise, Crysis 1 and Borderlands 1 and 2) in my entire 20 years of gaming and i’d never thought that i would enjoy this game as much as i do right now, PvP to boot.

Keep up the great work, Jeff and gang!


On the note of endorsements, are there any plans to bring the system to arcade as well? Endorsements are a great way to commend kind players and encourage further positive behavior, so it’s a little sad to see arcade excluded!


Yo Jeff, I saw a sexual predator using the LFG system to recruit young children and there was no way to alert the GMs since the report system requires an aggregate of reports from the community, and there’s no way to open a web ticket. So I was unable to do anything about it.

This isn’t the sort of scenario where “wait on the community to send in a number of reports” works, and it is a definite huge five alarm fire in your LFG system, since the guy, an adult male, was on comms in team chat saying sexual things to a preteen girl in his LFG party.

Jeff is typing a little weirdly today… O-o i mean no offense, but… It’s kinda weird.

It’s Noticeable is all.

Is there a way to force people to have mic to join the group?
Even if I put it in the title, check the boxes, etc… I still end up with people joining my group with no microphone.

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So when before you’d get toxicity almost every game, now you only get it 4 out of 5 or 3 out of 4 matches.

That’s a nice improvement. Still a ways to go.

Good, now enable endorsements in Mystery Heroes for the love of god. Quit punishing people for playing certain modes in Arcade.

I’m from austria. I used to have below 200ms, however since last year it went up to 220 or 240ms, so it really isn’t playable, maybe if you play Mercy or Lucio, but nothing else.

Guys, please. Even though i also wanted to ask about mercy, but i think this is not the right thread to ask. Don’t derail it to a Fix Mercy / Nerf Mercy thread.

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Do you truly think that?

Are you certain of that? There could be a possible chance most players have left the game due to unfair policies or bored of stale meta. I don’t think you should make this your full focus. If you truly want to reduce toxicity then you fix the meta. You tweak more heroes and listen to feedback meaning you tweak a lot especially during ptr phases. I have yet to see this.


Thank you for sharing.

These stats are somewhat difficult to interpret, although I love that the numbers are down.

For reference, could we please see what the original percents were? Also how were the numbers calculated? Is this a strict additive decrease in percent? Or is this a multiplicative decrease?

As in 25% of 10 is 7.5. That’s not a big change, but still nice.
But a 25% decrease so like 35% down to 10% is huge.

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I mean, you kinda misread it. Being down 25% is no tthe same as 25% of the total

No because it can be interpreted both ways. If he had wrote "blah blah blah is down BY:

Then that would have been much clearer.