Our progress so far

Hope this trend continues with toxicity going down.

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Thank you for this update. I REALLY love the endorsement system for this reason, but also because it takes the sting out of losing a bad game or a close game just a little bit.

I’m someone who’s always tried to be positive and it makes me really happy to know that that actually means something now; even if its just an icon over my name.



I guess you were too excited to share the little information that you already have.

Thanks anyway Jeff.


Since when have they putting out the expansions a day late?

(Well, it might as well be a day late because of how almost impossible it is to get onto servers lol)

Thanks for the update, this is great news.

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It’s nice to see the numbers going down, but they are still so very high. Over a quarter of the American community is labeled as toxic and/or abusive.

Thanks Jeffrey, but I’d like more hero changes please. Actual changes like sym and hanzo changes not number tweaks.

The chat has certainly felt nicer since the endorsement system was released. People are talking in QP voicechat again, too!

this has definitely improved the community, people are actually being nice for a change

Do you have any plans for LFG? (any ideas for updates?) or are you just sticking with this? Also will you be adding more rewards for endorsements?

Good news. Thanks Jeff!

More like “over a quarter of humanity”. Probably more.


And we all appreciate that very much. Thank you, Mr. Kaplan!


I think even in QP the toxic behavior is way less. The new endorse system has brought more people together.

I’m still seeing quite a bit of Toxicity… Even in the last game i played, Just For playing Bastion. -.-

The LFG System IS Helping but… I still can’t freely play my favorite hero yet.

Until then, i’m… Still going to have my guard up.

This. (Can’t like posts for another 20 minutes)


I wish I wouldn’t have 200+ ms when playing on NA. Although it has gotten better, especially in competitive regarding VC, it’s still kinda bad compared to NA. How much longer will it take until people realize that english really has its perks being acknowledged as the #1 language worldwide.

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Thanks for the update, Boss!

So the saying goes, “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.”

Keep up the good work, you and your team!

This 42 year old certainly appreciates it!

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The game does feel a bit less toxic. Glad its working

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