Orisas pixel is not my friend

Alright then, thats good. My friend is getting the video from his perspective ready (Sombra). This is just one of them, i can find the other one where i shouldve gotten it too if youd like.

Here, i hope this helps explain my dilemma a little better. I cant find a way to post vids either, so i guess youll just have to go to his yt. Dunno, hope it helps thought

The enemies halted have to take the full brunt of the 1000 damage while they’re being slowed, not while being drawn in. So you only have about a second to pull this off. I recommend pairing up with D.Va, that’s how I did it. I caught a Roadhog and two other 200hp heroes in Halt on point B of Hanamura

You actually have no clue how much more sense this makes to me now. So they dont need to be bunched up, they just need to have the slowing effect on them. That makes this a bit easier to swallow, thanks


This is how I got it (for visual referrence)

https ://gfycat.com/QualifiedForsakenFunnelweaverspider

Can’t seem to post it with correct link formatting but just copy & paste to view.

It’s my friend’s POTG but it was my Halt that made the pull.

How :clap: Did :clap: You :clap: Get :clap: Cratered :clap:

Before :clap: You :clap: Got :clap: Halt State :clap:


I’m here still trying to get Lucio’s And Zenyatta’s… o-o

Someone once suggested their team help me get Lucio’s.

I declined the offer. :smiling_imp:
Bastion main btw. Guess i just hate myself.

Funny story. I was playing doomfist and an enemy torbjorn realized i was playing him oddly, and he asked if i was trying to get cratered. When i responded yes, he got his whole team to stand still on point be of temple of anubis for long enough to get me the spray (and ironically get my orisa her spray in the process as well)

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I feel like I am the only person in the game who got Doomfist’s “Cratered” randomly lol. I just jumped into the enemy team who somehow happened to be kinda grouped up and got it. Pure luck

This spray has just been stupid bs. I know i shouldve gotten it, but whatever, i can just keep trying until my fingers bleed

If you ever see a graviton, just fire a halt into it

So, i should play orisa in comp then? since zarya is nowhere to be seen in qp

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Sounds fine enough, Orisa has been my comp main since season 6.

She feels like she uses aspects of Reinhardt, Winston, Roadhog, Bastion and Mei.

Played well, she’s practically a tank and an offtank all in one.

I get the feeling anyone who has Cratered has gotten it this way. There’s no skill involved in getting it, it’s as random as it gets

If you are confident enough yes, otherwise you can find someone too que up with in qp.
You want to shoot it into a graviton bcuz people focus gravitons, best would be if a hanzo also would have dragonstriked into it too

Okay, seriously? is this spray bugged? Everyone was being friendly, and they allowed me to pull a full health Dva, roadhog, bastion and lucio into a dva bomb with halt in qp. EXPLAIN BLIZZARD

They legit just patched it in the PTR.

Wait, was her spray actually bugged? i thought people were making that up! Why fix it on the ptr and not in the actual game? When this gets updated to the live game, it better just give me the achievement and not make me try and get it again

That person deserves to be nominated in the honor system.

Yea, he was a great guy, hes on my friend list now. Best part about this thread is i was one of the few people that the orisa spray was bugged for. Thanks for everyones help tho! This was fun

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