Orisa was buffed. Communitty


More damage against armor. The biggest increase. First view then complain. And nerf reinhard dps please. Tanks need a nerf. Not a power increase. The tanking and healing of this game its OP.

The changes make the game fresh. Stop 3 tanks. By the way i saw 3 3 without briggite, so stop saying she’s the problem

Rework briggite shield bash.needs a windup like reinhard and doomfist. Counterplay. Let her stun throught shields again


flanker, oneshots, reinhardts ult and anas disgusting overloaded kit are the real problems.

  • flankers are to mobile, have burst dmg and a lot of survivability.
  • range heroes with her burst-dmg and oneshots, per se makes other heroes useless and forces you to have a shield.
  • rheinhardt foces you to have a reinhardt too.
  • anas kit is ridiculous since release, her ammunition magazine and firerate are meanwhile big/fast enough to make her easier to play.
  1. 3 shots every 200hps hero (dmg nerf only effects tracer, blizzards beloved hero).
  2. sleepdart counters most of the ultimats.
  3. her ultimate is an unbalanced mess (useless at the most heroes, at heroes like genji, reinhardt etc. tottaly operpowered
  4. the grenade, the most disgusting ability ever, 100% healing debuff and 50% healing buff for 4sec, 60 aoe dmg and 100 aoe healing every 10secs, realy?


She isn’t even played. Look goats again please.
Btw she needs skill. So no problem. Its not like a hold to win support being meta. Disgusting


blah blah blah goats, it isn’t a problem for the entire overwatch playerbase, the few top-players will always have 1comp and the same few heros, they play all the day until they get bored of it and blizz brings a patch for this.

aNA NeeDs sOOoo mucH SKiLzZ, sHe DEsErves tO Be OP.


So a Tank losing defense while gaining some offense is a buff now ? Yea … Sure …
Also as if 3 tanks is a thing. Just lol. Even if it was, some derivations from a stale 2-2-2 would be highly appreciated IMHO.

I think these armour changes plus that absurdly overtuned reaper will simply make people stop playing tanks. You’ll be lucky to see your team having one.


Orisa was buffed?? Not in this patch!


She got buffed indirectly.
Her shots can now deal more damage to heroes with armor.

But she was also indirectly nerfed with the armor changes, because she can be shot down faster as well.


That sounds like one step forward, two steps back.


You are hating a hero that needs skill, she’s not a “switch-off” brain hero like mercy, don’t complain, she can be the best hero if played amazing, that’s ok for the game.

That’s the power of a skilled hero

By the way, no one is playing her right now, did you see contenders? And yes, the game needs to be view with good players, or we need to balance in bronce? no please, the game done in a good way.