Orisa ultimate bug?

I just noticed that you can’t prevent dying from Orisa ultimate with immortality field. We were just fighting an Orisa, she was ulting and since Bap casted an immo field, we didn’t move away, thinking we would survive. Orisas ultimate killed the immo field AND 3 people at the same time.
Is this wanted or is this a bug? I don’t find anything about it.

I killed her once with a dva mech mid ult but otherwise she seems immune for no reason

Slightly off topic but as a bap/mercy/moira main I get really frustrated that kirikos invuln is 100% more powerful than baps invuln…kiriko can prevent junk ulti, mei ulti, reaper ulti, every ulti ever, but baps is destroyed in .2s

Kiriko shouldn’t be able to completely stop a JR utli or other explosive ultis imo

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It’s an unfortunate side effect of the IF.

If a D.Va ults and Bap just throws out his lamp, the same thing happens, everyone just goes BOOM. The ult blows up the lamp AND everyone at the same time.

Feelsbadman, but legit to get any value from the lamp, players need to be in it’s AoE and yet the lamp itself needs to be out of LoS of any actual damage that would destroy it.

It’s a bit like needing to place it like a WoW Healer positions, in LoS of his tank to heal them, but out of LoS of the boss so they can’t take damage themselves.

Hope that makes some sense, but trying to use IF properly against ults is just a positional nightmare that sometimes I just cannot solve because I don’t have the right scenery available right now, dagnammit.

Immortality has a delay before it fully makes anyone “immortal.”

Orisa ult does also do 50 damage over 4 seconds while charging so might have finished off the lamp

why though? people seem to be ok with the fact D.Va can swallow entire ultimates completely by accident with her defence matrix, at least kiriko has to actually time it right for it to be effective


I also don’t agree with this…like how does her defense matrix swallow a moira orb? That thing is broken too

lol it absolutely should be able to stop a junk ult. especially bc he picks when it explodes. bait her suzu first or wait it out. or just get countered.


This sounds more like it wasn’t activated fast enough, but I’d have to see the replay.

It was active for like 2 seconds when Orisa released her ult. Maybe its like ImmaCat said and Orisa destroyed the immo field while charging 0,01 seconds before she released the ultimate.

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Yeah but it is more of a skill shot that can be baited and only last 1 sec compared to others like baps invul field

Yeah it probably got destroyed just in time unfortunately.