Orisa is a mustpick, it's time for nerfs

I actually see Rein Zarya and Sigma Zarya pretty often

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how about instead of nerfing her we add a offtank and maintank role que? would solve double shield immediatly AND prevend this sh*t happening again in the future when they release another long ranged shield tank. wtf were they even thinking? i cant imagine someone at blizzard actually approving this hero do they never test tank combos? who thought double shield is fun in ANY WAY POSSIBLE AT BLIZZARD???


Of course, because this game needs longer queue times.

how do u know its gonna give them longer ques? tank ques r alrdy instant even in gm. plus u rather want double shield gone or let it stay , make lots of players quit even in OWL until blizzard fixes it in 7months?

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no it s moira

so now?

No, it’s just Orisa.

Don’t see her as nearly as often as I see Moira. But it’s hard to be picked more often than every game.

So you moved from whining about superjump to whining about Orisa now?

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just go on overbuff and you will see that the most picked heroes isnt orisa but moira by far

Before sigma, when dva was still played fairly often it was all orisa/hog on high rank ladder (with dva being picked sometimes instead of hog) and pro play was all orisa/dva (with some hog instead of dva). So, I wouldnt say orisa is being picked cuz dva isnt, as at the very top of the game they were played together b4 sigma.

I think OP needs a hug.

Everyone always says all these players will quit unless Blizz fixes X problem, and I haven’t seen it at all. So a couple streamers quit during GOATS? Like, they’re streamers, who cares.

Orisa is fine, just need to restrict 2x shields. Mb some fortify damage and halt radius tweaks and she is ballanced.

No, THIS is bad bait. :roll_eyes:

Double barrier is the problem - not Orisa. The maps are the problem - not Orisa.

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  1. Lower ranked players don’t care about the meta, so that’s not a concern. A silver player wasn’t going to say GOATS was broken, because they wouldn’t be playing GOATS. Or double shield. Or double sniper. You know what tank is the best in lower ranks right now? Reinhardt. Why? Because he’s a lot easier to get away with then orisa: if Orisa gets pushed hard, you die. Rein can choose when the fight happens.
  2. Reaper has a 3.66 pickrate across all ranks right now. He’s too good? Maybe in OWL sure, but not for ladder.
  3. My point is that balance can never be perfect, and I don’t know why a lot of you think it can be. The game is fine right now, especially since they nerfed ults.

it’s time to buff the tanks, not nerf them

LOL, yet she’s still necessary to win, more so than ANY other hero

You’re kidding yourself if you think Orisa is balanced

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Shes balanced
You just need to learn how to play around her

Necessary to win? She has less than a 6.5% pick rate. Necessary for who exactly?