Orisa is a mustpick, it's time for nerfs

Orisa is the most picked hero out of all the heroes. When was the last time you played a game and Orisa wasn’t there?

Please, for the love of god, nerf Orisa so she is no longer a mustpick and goes back to her bunker niche. Thank you.


Shes easy to deal with. Get over yourself


No she’s not. Moira is the most picked. Most picked hero doesn’t necessarily mean anything. And REIN is picked more than Orisa. They’ve also nerfed her twice recently, and at most ranks, orisa is OK: not too good, not too bad.


this is pretty shite bait
orisa is on the fringe of barely playable, and on her way to bastion tier if this keeps up


Noone is saying she’s hard to deal with. She just enables this bunker/double shield meta too much.

Get over your trashy accusations.

Moira is the most picked this week, with Orisa being on the 2nd spot, while Orisa was the most picked for more than 6 months.

Alright, let’s pretend Orisa hasn’t been meta for more than 6 months at this point.


LMAO, meta. Meta= What OWL plays. Are you OWL? Am I OWL? No? OK then.



explain to me why she’s meta and i’ll agree with you
but correctly

i know why she’s part of a meta, do you?


Meta isn’t just what OWL plays, are those thoughts of a quickplay player I’m seeing?

Meta occurs on the ladder, too.


Orisa, 4th picked this week
Rein moira and ana are higher picked and win rate


Ummmmmm. Average player is in gold. Orisa has a 5.5% pick rate in gold this month, less than rein, ana, and mercy. So yes, meta means nothing for most ranks.


Statistics from plat and below are pretty irrelevant when it comes to the meta as they just play whatever they want and most of them don’t take it seriously, plus general knowledge is lacking there. Diamond is full of smurfs who again, play whatever they want.

Statistics actually relevant to the meta come from masters and grandmasters, whether you like it or not.

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Here’s the thing, there’s always going to be a “most picked” hero. It’s literally impossible to avoid that so say they do nerf Orisa, then another hero will be the most picked and your argument would then apply to that hero. It would be a revolving door of “omg nerf the most picked” forever.

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You’re correct, but there’s a clear distinction between heroes who dominate other heroes with their pickrate and heroes who are at the top but not by much when compared to others.

Orisa’s a must pick due to circumstance.


Both need nerfs, Moira’s healing and Orisa’s Halt
Not healthy for the game


Learn to counter or play a different game.

Wait, so then like I said, meta means nothing for most people. 90+% of the game, Orisa is an OK pick at best.

So, if metas mean nothing for most of the player base, then you (as a part of the 90%?) should be ok with the game being balanced around the best players, since you couldn’t care less? Because I do care, the balance is horrible right now.

As you say, for most of the player base, balance is irrelevant. So, the game should be balanced around higher ranked players/OWL.

As the meta is right now for higher ranked players, Orisa is a must pick paired with Sigma or Roadhog most of the time. Playing around the barrier(s) is nearly impossible so heroes like Mei, Doomfist or Reaper are the most played. Mei can peel for the team, Doomfist ignores barriers and Reaper goes for flanks or just shreds the barrier(s). As for the supports, Moira is played for her orbs, which pass through barriers, and her ultimate, which ignores barriers completely. The whole composition is very static and needs to reposition very often, so Lúcio is picked for speed boost and a very good defensive ultimate against Sigma.

You yourself said lower ranks don’t play the meta, so why should they have a word in the meta if most of them don’t even know what the current meta is?

Right now he’s too good in both categories, bad example. Also, your point makes no sense. If a hero is too good, they will be used in higher ranks and eventually after some time in lower ranks. If a hero is too weak, they won’t be used by higher ranked players, but lower ranked players again couldn’t care less, so they would play the hero anyway.

Balance should be decided by both pros and lower ranks. Take reaper for example: make him too strong, he wrecks plat and below. Make him too weak, and pros don’t use him. Balance is fine right now: or is the mere existence of a meta signs that the game is broken? Has the game always been broken in your opinion?

Orisa is highly picked due to how bad dva is currently

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