Orisa buff Thank you


Thank you blizz as an orisa main iv been asking for that exact buff for months and after nerf after nerf im finally satisfied with orisa’s place with this buff. Way to listen to feedback.


Orissa is currently the strongest tank, yet she gets another buff. Tell me how this is balanced.


Strongest within a certain composition and one which is situational and has counters sorry you’re wrong. She is not strong in her other areas. She had a huge armor nerf and knock back increase this solidifies her role to maintain fire and help her team protect instead of have huge reloads. You would have situations where you’d be reloading and your shield breaks leaving your team vonrable you then have to make to make the choice do I cancel reload and throw shield down restart reload lead to 5sec reloads or continue reload and die or have a team fall. You’re shield can feel squishy when facing the right comp with the power creep the way it is and the constant output of the damage will help with the survibilty. Think about orisa place before the implementation of Baptise. Don’t make your judgement around an organized composition.


Orisa has had the highest winrate among tanks for a long time, people don’t pick her because most players find her very dull to play. In masters+GM where people get more serious about prioritizing SR over enjoyment her pick rates have gone through the roof the last couple months, and her winrate has remained very strong relative to every other main tank.

Orisa is strong in any comp at lower ranks because basically everyone in low ranks wants a “shield tank” to hide behind (and most people in e.g. plat basically play Rein as “crappy orisa” shieldbot-style). And Orisa is strong in higher ranks even without a “true” bunker: the pick rate of Orisa has skyrocketed, but bastion, rat, etc. have only increased modestly. So no, her being very strong is not tied to a particular composition by any quantitative measure.