Orisa, Bastion and Torb overload


Need compensation buffs as they arent part of goats, but also suffer from this overall armor nerf.
Giving them like 25 - 50 more armor is appropiate imo.

I know they also profit offensively from this against other tanks, but Bastion is already a sitting duck most of the time and Orisa was already struggling to compete for the main tank spot.

Torb was also still more on the weaker side, so he needs everything he can get.


Torb should probably have +50 hp as armor regardless. Even if that means reducing the Overload bonus to +100 hp to compensate. He’s too squishy as is.

I can definitely see an hp buff for Orisa being appropriate. Though, I think giving her a unique melee attack (the OR-15 sword) would be another approach to making her less easy to counter.

In general, I think a lot of characters should have unique melee attacks, because that would provide another balance nob to adjust the damage/range relationship without having to resort to mobility/CC abilities. Orisa, Genji, Winston, Doomfist, Rein, and Torb at the very least. I could even see Orisa being able to melee while reloading. Combined with extra melee damage/speed and a reduced movement penalty while stabbing (relative to her gun), she then wouldn’t be such an easy kill for the likes of Reaper.

It wouldn’t remove her disadvantages, but it could make her a little less niche.


Armor change will destroy Bastion and Torb balance because they heavily rely on armor. it’s time to leave Overwatch if dev push this armor change into live server and do nothing on Doomfist . Reaper buff is too much.

Dev should buff Bastion and Torb before change armor system.


I would rather buff their unique, active defenses than give them more HP.


Torb should probably have +50 hp as armor regardless. Even if that means reducing the Overload bonus to +100 hp to compensate. He’s too squishy as is.

I’ve been wanting this -exact- change myself. Torb deserves 200/50 health/armor base HP, with Overload giving less. Currently too much of his power is put into Overload…
Also, make his turret be made out of 100% armor. So… 250 pure armor, no standard health. Still 3 rockets/arrows/grenades, but might make Torb an actual threat/counter vs Tracer now that Brig is nerfed into the ground.

Orisa should have more armor now that it’s getting nerfed. Like… 100/300 health/armor instead of 200/200? And for the love of Iris, give let the bot deploy shields without canceling her reload. Both actions are completely one-handed in their animations, and it’d just make her feel much better to play.

Half-offtopic, but Brig need her +150 armor max back on her ult now that it doesn’t last forever -and- armor is weaker. Maybe increase the AoE from 8m to 12m (same as Lucio’s AoE) to compensate for the armor being weaker.

Wrecking Ball could probably use more armor too after the nerf. (And please, let him use the shield while in ball mode, aaaa)


in the other hand their damage is buffed too.
i think the patch will reward more skill (headshots)
and will make the game more fast paced .


Well, I think for Torb it’s probably a neutral (maybe even positive) change, because her probably will benefit a lot from the extra damage against tanks.

But for Orisa, I think she loses more than she gains. She’s also getting a hero that counters her directly buffed, plus indirect buffs (the armor nerf) to a few other heroes that work well against her. And the extra damage she’ll get against armor doesn’t help her against the unarmored heroes that are really strong against her.

When you get down to it, even if you think of the armor nerf as a neutral change for Orisa and Torb, then they stay about where they were balance wise with lower survivability (traded for more damage). They already feel undertuned and squishy for their role. So, best case, this accentuates their existing flaws (makes them squishier) without improving their performance (relative to the roster)…