Option to NEVER backfill

Anyone else feel like there should at least be the option to tick/untick if you want to backfill or not?
It’s often demoralising going into severely one sided matches and/or losing immediately and having that count as your turn at the front of the queue.


Play comp, there is no backfill in there.


Jeff spoke about this already


Ridiculous that you have to backfill in the first place. The system is in itself counterproductive to those that don’t want to or are backfilled into losing matches immediately.

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I don’t mind backfill itself, but there should be a better reward for doing so. I know it rewards an experience boost (or gold, I forget), but I think it should give you queue priority too.


It’s 400xp it’s nothing.


I only hate backfill when I find a match and greeted by T-posing enemy team victory. That thing is scary yo.

I want to play a match not be forced into a corner.


I don’t like it either but the quick play modes need it in order to function. Without backfill if someone leaves or gets disconnected pretty much the whole team will quit too leading to a bad experience for 12 rather than 1.

I like the idea Jeff proposed about having a ‘cooldown’ on backfill. That is the best solution really.

The only complaint I have is getting backfilled when I queue DPS and wait in a particularly long line. I can stand a 2-5 minute queue for RQ. But if I wait 5-6 minutes and get backfilled into a game that ending or about to end it puts a bad taste in my mouth.


They can’t just add a “queue for new matches only” option? Is it really that hard to do? I can think of several games that put you in new matches only.

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This, I rather wait abit longer for a game I can actually play then wait only to see the defeat screen

It should backfill with a bot immediately.
Once it queues up a player they should be prompted with a backfill option and the reward for doing it.
The player that left should have to queue up in a leavers match. Let them play together.
You must win one leavers match or participate in 2 full games to be removed from leavers matches.
If you leave again it compiles

That sounds more punishing than being left 5v6.

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Is it though?
Having an advanced AI that can technically have any accuracy the devs deem necessary for each rank

This, would be too easy of an ult feeder for the enemy specially those used to bot movements.
No way you could get the bot to follow or fall back or choose who to properly ult with.

As much as I’d love it, it will never happen. Games would never backfill, meaning the team that lost a player will instantly be handicapped.

It should be an option for dps players. Tanks and supports should not have the option for extremely obvious reasons.

Imagine everyone had this option on.
You load a game, someone leaves, since almost everyone has this option on no one will be subtituted for your leaver. You stay 5v6 the whole game.
Are you crazy? Did you really not think this through?

If you don’t want backfill, play comp.

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It would actually just help queue times for people who did not turn it off which would make qp playable.

I think that their “solution” is a patch-work fix that doesn’t adresse the issue that causes back-fill to be required in the first place.

People have said that the MM system needs an overhaul, especially for QP. This has been an issue for years but they haven’t done anything about it. Back-filling becomes necessary when the core system isn’t working properly.

Most of the time I won’t even bother staying if I’m backfilling, I don’t care if I get penalized or have a longer waiting time - I’m not going to backfill with 1 min left and 0% ult charge.