Option to Disable "Save Settings" Please

I’m fine with letting players save my settings after whatever I’m working on is done. But why would I want players to save settings when I’m testing an unfinished product? I don’t want 5 different versions of the same mode floating around, I want the finished version. This just makes it annoying for someone that’s working on something really complex and good to test whatever mode without being stolen or like I said, leaked into multiple versions. Ultimately, we are making things for other players, so why do you have to force us to share everything.

Just give us an option to disable the “Save settings” please.


Does the game automatically save things? Doesn’t for me, I don’t know what feature this is.

When you join a custom game you can copy the settings with one button press.

Ah. Well I’ve been still avoiding this one thing when I realized it replaces presets. Don’t remember if they fixed that, though I believe they did.

This exactly !!!