Option to disable backfilling

Title says it all. I would love to see us have more control over what kind of matches we join, including disabling/enabling an option to backfill into matches which have already started.
I have many more ideas similar to this one which will give us more control over how we play the game. For instance:


-Choose Attack or Defense team prior to queueing
-Checkbox on maps we want to play on, allowing us to check multiple or minimum of 1
-Disable/Enable joining other players who are in a group


I’m fine with that as long as they have much much harsher leaver penalties. Because most people dont like backfill and would turn it off, so games with leavers would essentially be ruined.


a preference slider would still work without breaking the horrid matchmaking

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Jeff Kaplan has recently stated that they have no intention to give an option to backfilling. However this is why you are given a priority requeue to find a new match if you are backfilled.

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You can’t have an option to enable or disable backfill, but you are free to leave if you get put into a backfill and then get Priority Queue?

I am probably reading this wrong…

You must complete the match you backfill into, then you are given a priority requeue.

Why… This is even stranger

Basically, if you backfill and you help that team finish the match, then your next game you should find a match faster (and it will be a full match, no backfill).

ah. i remember when they introduced priority requeue, however my experience with it to date hasn’t been very pleasant given that it almost always puts me into a match on a team or map i don’t want to play, which almost entirely defeats the purpose of the priority requeue because then i don’t have it when i go to re-queue again.

then again i am rather picky, i only play QPC on attack teams. it has been a strugglesome effort trying to sift through all the matches i don’t want to be part of, sadly.

Nobody likes backfilling into losing matches that have 20 seconds to make a difference or less.

The alternative is games being given up as “lost” by the entire team at 30 seconds and people just leaving games.

People need to backfill to keep it even-ish. Not many want to. Most people would opt out I’d wager… therefore we cannot have “voluntary” backfill.

Another issue with backfilling today is that Quick Play no longer cycles through to the next match right away (due to role queue). Before role queue, a match often just starts with the same players on the next map (unless too many players decided to leave after the last game), so the flow of keep playing has been cut quite a bit. That however is something not likely to be resolved anytime soon.

Or right as the game ends… where you spawn into the game and see ‘Defeat’

I usually leave a match I get backfilled into

As do many others. However I re-assert that allowing opting out would mean next to nobody would backfill and matches would be lost as soon as someone left.

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i already manually “opt out” of every backfill match i am thrown into these days.

i used to play the backfills but i have come to realize they are useless and serve as nothing more than a short target practice. which is why i just leave the matches myself. but this opens an entire can of worms which you might not be aware of given that you necessitate mandatory backfilling. i’m talking about issues like toxicity coming from players directed toward “leavers” who don’t want to be part of backfill matches. furthermore there is the issue of continuous backfilling into the same exact match over and over and over and over. i have backfilled into the single same match EIGHT times before. this was about 3 days ago. i got flamed by the team it placed me on, because i couldn’t just “stay in the match” so they blamed me for their loss when i didn’t even want to be part of the match in any way shape or form. and yes, i did wait between requeuing. it kept throwing me back in.

obviously there would be issues in need of correction if they enabled voluntary backfilling, but the way it is right now there are a gaggle of issues which aren’t being addressed or mentioned or fixed.

in paladins they backfill with bots

its not perfect but i have never seen anyone in that community say they wish they could join an in progress losing match

it works ok, the bots could be better but high rez isnt the best company to make them

I don’t like leaving games… unless it is backfiling in a game almost ended.
It is so annoying and unfair.

I’ve seen a few - the argument is usually that they like the backfill XP and/or like trying to turn around the match. Granted, I think these people are very very rare exceptions.

As far as bots go: Perhaps at lower ranks they’d be reasonable replacements, but I feel like anything plat and above the bots are basically just going to be garbage. I would rather have a 5v6 than play with a bot, since they’ll likely just feed ult charge.

i don’t either, the only time i “leave” is when i join into a backfill match that’s already begun because i find it unfair to myself whether i win or lose it will always feel empty to me

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How about punishing people who leave games more, like give them a 30min queue ban.

As I said… people will opt out if they can except instead of people getting pop-ins, they’ll just get nobody.

This has not been my experience in every case. Yeah I pop into 3 or 4 matches where i load in and “DEFEAT!” a week, but I’ve also turned around my fair share of matches with little to no time on the clock. It’s not entirely useless.

This, to me, sounds like your problem. The fact that you were requeueing and the game was long enough to keep popping into their game AND the game kept lasting while you did it means you ditched on a lasting winnable game. A difference could have been made and they were somewhat justified in blaming you for constantly popping into that spot and leaving instead of walking away from the game for a bit to prevent it. The system should not reward people who backfill and ditch or people would do it more often.

You are a leaver if you leave a backfill match. That’s what it means. YOu joined and pre-emptively gave up. You didn’t play the game.