Optimization Update Petition


I play Overwatch on a low end laptop on lowest settings. In team fights, I get an average of 8 FPS. The last time we had an optimization update was… anyone remember? I want to make this topic relevant to Blizzard so the community can have a better Overwatch expierence.


Got some bad news, if you’re playing bottom settings and only 8 fps your laptop is somewhere between a toaster and a bag of dirt and blizz can’t fix that.


Version 1.30 was considered an optimization update technically as it consolidated the core version of the game.

First please make sure your laptop does meet Overwatch’s recommended system requirements. If it only meets minimum, system performance is not guarenteed.

These standard tips can help resolve most Overwatch FPS drops:

  • Reset Overwatch’s Video Settings
  • Update your graphic card driver.
  • Reset your graphic card driver settings., then make sure that your Graphic Card Driver control panel is configured correctly for Overwatch. This includes setting Overwatch at Maximum Performance (not optimal power) for Power Management and making sure it set to run on the graphics card and not the motherboard chipset.
  • In drastic cases you may need to reinstall the driver and update to the most recent driver for your card. Remember to use Display Driver Uninstaller to completely clean out your old driver. Then download the most recent NVidia or AMD for your system.
  • There have been other threads reporting that updating your system BIOS can help with some performance issues with recent patches. Please be careful if you choose to update your BIOS and look up your motherboard’s instructions on how to do this.

Also here are advanced tips I have written in Overwatch’s Tech Support forum that maximize your FPS performance in the game.