Opt Out Play of the Game

Yeah, I don’t really get the point of this thread. Whenever I see a bad or silly POTG, it’s 9/10 times the player of the POTG himself who first makes fun about it.

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Pretty much. If I can survive 11 people seeing me miss nearly 10 shots on an immobile hero after a quad, pretty sure OP can survive whatever their POTG problem is.

Edit: oof, I just reembarrassed myself

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I just laugh it off, or point out how that play beat out everything that they did and they need to step there game up.

I hate to weigh in but, toxic doesn’t have a set definition when it comes to gaming. It’s mostly subjective.

Now there are some people who call others toxic when they truly aren’t being toxic.

And yes rude would give the same point across, so if you prefer that, then use it.

Are you being toxic to me right now?

No, see I said mostly, haha.

Theres a general feel of toxicity that groups of people can agree on, that can be subjective to specific groups, then theres those people who genuinely call others toxic when they aren’t being toxic. To which I see your point.

Always remember - if you get a terrible potg: it means nobody else did anything more impressive that match. Everyone is terrible.

I hate watching potg. I leave every match early to avoid watching them. I wish I could toggle them off in the options menu.

just leave the game or capture it then watch it alone :wink:

Because then everyone would decline it to get into the next game faster.

We should also have a private name , I don’t want people flaming my name which is xxKevinxx

playing the game for 3 years and it NEVER happened

really mate? come on
i see this kinds of threads poping more often recently … EVERYTHING is wrong, EVERYTHING is bad, EVERYONE is toxic, EVRY game sux, EVRY mode boring, EVERY hero broken, EVERY this and that

omg, if evertyhing is wrong arround you, maybe the problem isnt everything… maybe the thing in very center has a problem

you go to grocerries… is cashier toxic? are vegies rotten? sun shines too much or rain drops to hard?

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Why does it matter?
POTG function is pretty broken anyways…

Rename it to Genji of the Game and allow us to skip those by default. Would be awesome.

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My personal favourite was as Moira, when all I did was stand in place, firing my ultimate into BOB while he got a quad kill. :slight_smile:

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You need a pacifier?

Genji of the game, haha.

I actually see this problem more commonly with Bastion, anytime anyone uses bastion they always get POTG.

I would love to disable POTG and go straight to a new match, but…

It’s not gonna happen.

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You know your community is great when you have people who want to opt out of their play of the game because of toxicity. smile

This went the opposite way I thought it would.