Opinions on the state of Mercy?


Just because a hero isnt fun doesn’t mean they need a buff


She needs changes. Doesn’t need to be a buff.
Aslong as she will be fun to play again.


I think she is fine in her current state.
Statistically does she looks balanced and her pickrate seems to be pretty healthy.

It’s that some Mercy players find her boring and/or not impactful. Whether this is a good reason to rework/revert Mercy is questionable, but I do understand why this caused the creation of the #reworkmercy movement.


I didn’t imply a buff, I’m just saying I dislike her kit as the player and the opponent to the Mercy.


I think Mercy could use an additional passive ability tied to her healing beam. Maybe instead of headshots doing 200 damage they would only do 199 to a target affected by healing beam.


Could make resurrect into one, honestly. If Mercy can use GA on dead teammates, she could heal them: healing beam resurrects them in place they died(as soon as their full health is healed) and damage beam makes them respawn faster, with 1 s of beam = -2 s from respawn timer.


This is my opinion.


Mercy right now is fine statistically.
Maybe 55HPS.

Many Mercy players are either refusing or not aware how to use valk to its full potential.
Instead opting for a M1 Spectator mode then complaining about it either through video or rants on forum/reddit that its “not impactful”


I find it sad that you agree with this particular youtuber, and sadder still that you provide unpaid advertising for this youtuber


Just like you did? Thanks for your contribution in spreading the word.


Factually, I didn’t bring this video into this thread

Hopefully, the devs will start banning forum accounts who use these forums to provide unpaid advertising to youtubers to express their hate of Blizzard and named employees of blizzard


Valkyrie as Ive always stated is the black sheep of Ultimates, it doesn’t fit anywhere in this game. It’s a High Risk Low Reward ultimate that just feels brainless in terms of action. Im not sure Blizzard really knew what they wanted this Ultimate to do and it shows that when I see Mercy players get lost and confused on their actions only to end up getting killed so quickly.

Now to an early comment I saw, Mercy had 50HPS and was buffed to 60HPS to compete with Ana, as it stands right now with everyone have months and even years under their belts perfecting the character and their playstyle shows all the difference. A day 1 Mercy vs a Mercy whose been playing 2 years it shows the difference in how they go about their actions. The only time we dont see that difference is during Valkyrie once again limiting the players.

Mercy to me right now is fine, I find her fun, I find her engaging without using her Ultimate, I love popping Rez (its my favorite ability in the game) and I can still manage to push my team to victory. I will say though a few minor buffs wouldnt mind helping her, and a rework for Valkyrie would be nice, to see that Ultimate become something different and raise her skill ceiling. I still believe Valkyrie could be turned into something more worth while. Maybe a defensive ult!


No her ult is really good currently, if anything buff some aspect of her base kit such as DB amount, then take rez and lock it to Valk.

She doesnt need to start the round with a rez available imo, she gets her ult in like 30 sec anyways, so just tie it to ult already.


The fact u dont think valk increases her skill ceiling shows me u prob playing her wrong.

Crap mercies, the ones who claim valk is unimpactful/boring just seem to fly straight up and heal bot for 20 seconds, lol.

If u do that of course it seems brain dead, but its the player not the game.

My teams win almost every fight I valk in, because u can keep up who deserves it, let those who deserve it win fights, and also she kills solo any specific problematic enemies such as widow/pharah/etc.

If u arent team wiping with Valk, or letting your team do so u might want to rewatch some of your gameplay and see where u could be much more effective.

Good luck!


I find Valkyrie to not only be a great and highly impactful ultimate, but also very fitting for a character of germanic descent and one with a set of wings in her back.

In my opinion, a good Mercy player find much to be done during the duration of Valkyrie, with much of it requiring quick decisions and swift action. I don’t find any of that fits the term “Brainless”

There are many videos of high level Mercy play you could watch to help you see how Valkyrie is better/best used.

If one uses the chain beams for healing multiple teammates, it is as I see it a defensive ult.


Defining feature of defensive ult is it’s capability to keep players alive under heavy fire.


As I stated Valkyrie right now just doesn’t seem to fit in. I find it more worthwhile to pull out my blaster and just go Battle Mercy. Majority of my team comps they completely spread out once I pop Valk so the chain beam only then latches onto one of my team members which is my friend who is always the Reinhardt. Even then its still problematic. Valkyrie does need to be revamped though, it needs something to solidify its role.


I know how to use valk, i reaced Plat just with Mercy and Moira. I just dont like it lol


I like her opinions, cant i?


I find that Valkyrie keeps teammates alive during heavy fire