Opinions on 2-2-2?

I have recently only been queuing as DPS and I still like it a lot. I like the structure and knowing what I’m going to play (role) and that there are going to be 2 tanks, 2 supports and 1 other DPS.
Despite being in low masters my queue times are really not that bad. I very rarely go over 10 minutes. Most games pop around 5-8 minutes.


I like it. But I think that an option to switch roles with another player during the matches is needed.

Role SR exists for a reason

I only DPS queue these days and I like it. I really like deathmatch, so I can play that while I wait.


Its not the same thing. Trade roles with a player will still keep the 222 format.

2-2-2 is good, the queue time isn’t.

Here’s it best approach to fix that by allowing your team to switch between 2-2-2 and 1-3-2, whenever.

✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2

You’re missing the point.

I’m a nearly diamond tank, but a mid gold DPS

If I was playing DPS and then swapped with someone who was a mid gold tank, but diamond DPS we would have quite an advantage.


Ah yes, I can see that practical application clearly.

“DPS you suck! Kill something! Here, you be main tank, I’ll play DPS for you!”

DPS Players: “No.”

i agree with it for structure for better balancing

but i still disagree with how they’re dealing with it

not enough balance patches that matter to actually accommodate 222 better
stagnating meta makes 222 bad, but it makes everything bad, soooooo

I had explained how it could work in a better way in this discussion, including an option before the match starts to allow or not trade roles requests:

in design it was dumb to begin with, power healing/tank synergy got way out of hand so instead of trying tool and balance that setup they went the easy route and kept that power creep then implemented 2-2-2

it should have been balanced to the point where any combination yes even 6 dps can go against a 2-2-2 team or 3-3 goats team. i know that would be super hard to balance but its a multi million dollar company right they took the easy route

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I read it. It’s not going to happen because 99% of players won’t accept the trade request and it will just cause more problems.

People playing in groups of friends could still use it. With unknow people, some will accept it and some dont. People’s choice.

This just seems like such a limited niche use case. It’s not worth the dev time to implement it. Someone might be able to get something working in the workshop for custom games, but that’s about it.

I highly disagree, it’s a team based game, and teams with friends could really use this feature, including people that think that the 222 system is too restrictive during the matches. It’s very simple too to discard it because “dev time”.

I dunno. It still just seems like it could open up doors for smurf abuse and complicates the matchmaker by several orders of magnitude.

It’s solving 1 small problem by introducing a lot of bigger problems.

Not worth it.

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A major net positive addition in my opinion. DPS queue times are an unfortunate, but not unexpected side effect.


I’m a DPS main, and the only reason why I came back to ow after a 6 month break was because of 222. I was so sick and tired of playing tank. I was never a tank player but I didn’t want to lose.

222 allowed me to notice the faults in my playstyle and I improved immensely because of that. How? When both teams are not balanced, and you lose with 5 DPS and 1 support, you blame the loss on not having a tank. You don’t notice all the mistakes you’ve done.

I rather wait 10 minutes for a game with integrity and balance rather than wait 1 minute and fill because everyone is selfish.

It’s worth to note that with 222 I’ve noticed more communication. Before, people left vc before they get asked to fill or swap roles.


I love role queue. No more solo tanking or solo healing.


Going to assume you mean RQ and not the actual 222 comp itself

Role queue fine…forced locked 222?..worst decision ever…

Split the player base and made it next to impossible to actually play the game for some ranks/regions/roles with how long it takes to get into a game now

All in order to solve a problem that was over exaggerated to begin with…and something for which they had already added a means to address it in LFG (never tried improving it or making any changes)

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