OPINION: I formally disagree with the idea of the "Your team won without you" pop-up

To be honest (as posted above) you should delete that paragraph. You are a really bad example. You say yourself you could mute. You do that instead of leaving. Nothing more to be said here.


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The original poster is correct. I’m guessing the people who want this “your team won without you” feature are children.

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Blizz won’t do anything about this. There is no point in even thinking about it. Leaving is now a part of gameplay.

So you want to hold hands and hug everyone, lets give people cookies for leaving the game and forcing people to sit through 10+ minutes of excruciating gameplay because you left. Yeah no they should feel bad. If they dc’d then they should be happy for their team being able to make up for their loss. If they left on purpose they should feel bad for realizing that no one needs them and they should also quit life.

It doesn’t matter what the reason is for someone who leaves a game. The outcome is still the same. They left the game.

happened to me about two weeks ago and it took my game like 5+ minutes to reconnect and i just heard someone calling me a “sh*tty thrower” and got disconnected again
i couldn’t even heal once, even when i was in the match

i have another story where i actually had to leave but my bf reassured me and made me stay but i don’t think that one is remotely relevant

i think i left two matches because of declining mental health but i don’t think people were targeting me with any insults and/or threats, but i can’t remember
in the worst case i’ve ever had yet (that i really don’t want to reoccur) i didn’t even leave, i just afkd while arguing with my mom and crying hysterically

when i saw the image that this thread is about for the first time i was 100% for it but your arguments make me reconsider. anyhow, i still think it’s a funny little thing (for a lack of better words) to joke around with. the image itself, that is.

i just think it’s funny

last time i dc’d i couldn’t reconnect for at least 5 minutes, then finally managed to join again, heard one of my teammates insult me while being stuck in the loading screen and not being able to pick a character and then disconnecting again.
would the second disconnect count as “delibirately leaving” and make me get the penalty?

for transparencys sake:
it was my first actual match of the day and after one of the teammates told me they lost i turned off the console and did something else. i’ve never had connection issues THAT bad until that very day and i had literally zero latency or ping issues the next day. i still don’t know what exactly caused the issues but i sure as hell hope they won’t come back.

I mean, I’ve left matches where my teammates have verbally harassed me to an unreasonable extent (didn’t offend me) but then they also started doing things in-game that were disruptive (i.e. our Rein kept swinging his hammer at me instead of blocking damage from the enemy, throwing, etc.).

Can’t really mute players’ actions in-game through their character. Sometimes leaving is an option, and it takes a lot to get there.

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I feel the pop up is pretty vengeful.

The idea is to make leavers feel bad but if people are purposefully throwing or leaving your game they do not care regardless. The only people it is likely to affect are those who leave because of issues out of their control, or it really gets too much (intense bullying etc). It will not deter leavers who do it just because, because it is unlikely letting them know the team won will suddenly change their perspective.

Punishments should be in place, yes, but they don’t need to so aggressive. All in all, it’s a pretty stupid idea because the people you want to go after will not care whether you win or lose.

I mean, it could be nice to have an option to see if your team made it but there is no need to have it shoved in your face.

Thx for seeing this issue. I couldn’t play a whole season cause of crashes and even got pentalties in QP for leaving (playing to test if I still crash) and after I solved this sometimes my Router crashes. But I still love and play this game.

I agree. Last thing we need is more negativity

well, if your connection is not stable, then yes, sadly you must have the same penalty as anyone who disconnect twice. that’s to prevent the system being abused.
but they should change it to if you rejoin the match after disconnecting first time and won the game, you didn’t lose SR and get the SR for winning. i think it’ll promote players to try their best to rejoin the game and continue the match.

I think the number of games you’ve intentionally left is so low that you would’ve been better off not mentioning it at all. That being said, Why add this “people were mean so I left” argument as one of your main points? It just tries to justify that intentionally leaving is conditionally fine when it isn’t.

I’ve played overwatch competitive since November of 2016 and have never intentionally left a match due to toxic remarks. Like you said, muting and leaving chat is always an option. Leaving a match ruins the game for more people than just the individuals being toxic towards you.

I feel like that’s important to note.

There’s more to leaving a game than simply choosing not to use the block or mute button. Yeah, those are tools to use that can mitigate the experience but they are not buttons to hit that will suddenly make you feel better.

Different people have different thresholds and different days with compounding effects. If someone feels so heavily to the point of leaving then we should not criticize them for doing so.

Someone leaving for a reason like their emotional/mental state being compromised is acceptable, IMO, with or without the tools. The damage is done and there’s more those people can do to make the situation worse.

I think picking out that part of Wyoming’s post and wagging a finger at it is ignorant.

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If we’re going to ask the devs to invest time instituting a shaming message when a player leaves, let’s instead ask them to message the 5 who stayed with the names of the other four so you have a few more reliable and skilled people in your friends list.

Othertimes you just put down the player and make them think “Well if they won without me, then why should I try?”

I mean, if it wasn’t a DC, the leaver made everyone else suffer a 5v6

It’s a joke ffs