OPINION: I formally disagree with the idea of the "Your team won without you" pop-up

This!!! Thank god someone thinks like me. Exactly. Thank you.

Players don’t always leave just to leave… Sometimes there is an emergency and that justifies you leaving the game. A pop-up that spawns even more toxicity is so unnecessary.

People have lives outside of this game, you know. And it’s perfectly okay to get frustrated and just leave a game. Prioritise your mental health first and foremost, don’t let this community or the game itself get in your head.

I leave to leave.

I still don’t think technical issues or game crashes should count as leaving, that is called penalizing due to developer fault, which is why i’ve always had a annoyance with Blizzard’s policies on what is considered “cheating”, as they count bugs and glitches as cheating, even though they were at fault for letting it happen, and also, some of us (like me) are people who try to find glitches and issues in the game that could effect gameplay so we can attempt to report them to the company who made the game, more or less a bounty hunter.

But back on topic, i just don’t think technical issues or game crashes should put the player at fault unless it’s overly exccessive.

I wholeheartedly agree. It’s interesting to see how different people can view the exact same scenario in exact opposite ways.

Are you able to see the result of the match from the replay screen? Idk If you’d be able to watch the moments after you left but I think you might be able to see the result if your team won or lost.

That doesn’t make sense. A player should be punished for abusing a bug in the game that hasn’t been patched out yet.

Imagine calling someone out for getting robbed, because they didn’t have the right protection?

Abusing a bug, yes, that should be punishable, but finding it intentionally in-game?

Also I think there’s plenty of ways to abuse not punishing crashes.
You could easily simulate or force the game to crash with stuff/programs.

Wayyyy back when I played GunZ we had a thing called n-stepper (ninja stepper), it basically simulated unplugging your cable/not connecting to DNS. Gave an advantage/

Usually those are easily detectable if a app crashed the game now, even games like Payday 2 can detect that, the game should know when it crashed, Payday 2 knows it because it doesn’t create a crashlog when you end the process for the game from Task Manager. If Payday 2 can know when the game was ended by the user, then definitely Overwatch should know.

I’m just saying that penalties shouldn’t kick in until it’s overly excessive.

why don’t they just make it that when a player disconnected from a competitive match, they will always reenter that match automatically when they boot up overwatch until that match ended. And if they didn’t join until the match ended, or if they join and deliberately left the second time, they cant relogin overwatch until the match ended (this is to prevent abusers that deliberately left again) and also get the normal leavers penalty for comp.

that way people who disconnected can still help their team by rejoining the match again without the 90 seconds limit and people that deliberately left are prevented to play until the match ended while also getting penalized.

Blizzard should differentiate those who leave on rare occasion because of a technical issue and those who do it habitually. They have to start there before deciding on further penalties. You may say that someone who leaves habitually could just have consistent technical issues, but the truth is if you know you have consistent technical issues then you should not be playing competitive.

I completely agree. I’ve disconnected from maybe 2-3 matches, and deliberately left two due to harassment.

Honestly it’s probably better I left more through harassment and take the leaver penalty than hang around, let it get worse, and ‘soft throw’ them. But I just don’t want the leaver penalties.

I actually get the impression from those demanding ever harsher punishments that maybe they’re the problem themselves, in that they seem very aggressive and are maybe driving people to leave their games if they have so many problems with it.

Overall I don’t actually consider leavers to be high on the list of problems the game has, I just don’t experience it that much, compared to other problematic behaviour and other issues the game has. The majority of leavers in my experience do manage to get back in the game should it last long enough.

Like I said on that thread, that idea seems pretty pointless. I stay in all games (unless I’m not the group leader), even if goes waaaay bad, so I would never see that and people who do leave, won’t care that “their team still won”. And yeah, I’ve had crashes too (although not in comp games), so I don’t know how you penalize those “appropriately”.

Also, you talk about comp, but this works the same way for QP or arcade? I know there is a leaver penalty of reduced exp, but it’s larger margin of leaving (since QP does include backfill). And second (since I don’t know if there ever was an answer to it), does “assemble your team” phase count as leaving the game? I play with a friend who hates Horizon and will immediately leave as soon as we load into the map. Does that make him a bad player for leaving before even clicking anything?

Don’t agree with this outlook. Sounds like you prefer everyone to be unhappy

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There’s actually a side effect that everyone is missing for some reason: If you never get the message then you know that all the games that you’ve left have ended up in a loss. If you ruthlessly only leave games where you think that the odds are so horridly stacked or where players are actively throwing the game then you’ll most likely never even see the message and even if you see it once or twice it’s a positive reinforcement for leaving because those messages will confirm that the system is in place and working. You just never left a game that was winnable

Hence why I would really like this system because I have no issue honing that I might sometimes leave a winning game, but I would hecking enjoy knowing that I 360° moonwalked out of a game that was lost :sunglasses: :ok_hand:

Sure, but the balance here is tilted very heavily to the group if the multiple posts about harsher leaver penalties is any indication.

Overwatch was designed as a very team reliant game, much more so than any game before it or since. I think its one of the more questionable design decisions they’ve made, right up there with their counter philosophy (which has been applied inconsistently).

I have never tilted in an online game as hard as I have in overwatch - not Tribes, not TF2, not L4D. In each of these, a certain amount of skill could overcome bad team mates but this is not possible in Overwatch.

In overwatch, you need 6 people to win a match, but only one person to lose it. That’s simply wrong, and with the learned helplessness of the playerbase (a different discussion entirely thanks to Blizzards lack of understanding of human psychology) you start to see more and more posts highlighting the results of that learned helplessness (leaving, throwing, smurfing, etc.)

Kind of strange philosophy for seemingly competitive game.

TF2 just happened to have a lot of reserves for that - you had up to 16 players per team, but you could manage with less. And if anything else fails, you could convert quantity into quality.

Even mood of games is different - where TF2 leaves you with some hope, Overwatch just straight up tells you “it’s over, embrace your defeat”. Like there is no comeback, no miracles at the last time.

I don’t think so. I see threads with people bragging how they keep throwing and leaving competitive games almost daily. Usually in the vein of “smurfs exists, therefore I can just leave at will”. If you oven burns more than once per lifetime you are doing it wrong :wink:

Sorry but you should be absolutely punished for it. Mute /hidechat is not that difficult. You cannot simply decide the fate of 11 people just because you feel offended by words.

Yeah, I´ve got that, just that one sentence is a bit missleading - as if punishments in general are bad. I am one of those players, who stoped play comp almost completely due leavers, throwers and toxicity and I think, there should be more in this game to protect players against this things.