OPINION: I formally disagree with the idea of the "Your team won without you" pop-up

Wait you yourself, an Overwatch employee experienced harrassment to the point of safety for your life was in jeopardy and online toxicity still hasn’t been addressed Sheesh

Anyways I’ve played games that can tell when you’ve left a game deliberately or it was a D/C. I don’t know why OW doesn’t. In the lower tiers leavers are incredibly prevalent and it’s usually rage-quit.

This could be solved quite easily; leavers should be penalised heavily for leaving AND the remaining teammates should either face either reduced or no reduction in SR upon losing based on it being 5 v 6 for more than 90 seconds. It de-incetivises rage quitters who will only be punishing themselves for leaving.

People who suffer a rage-quitter will have effectively had a tie game this way. If they win 5 v 6 ofc they should still get SR.

On PS4 I once had 3 leavers in a row and then one game where the other team had a rage quitter. It’s bullsh.

… he doesn’t work for the OW team or Blizzard.

Honestly he needs a Signature Disclaimer or something at this point. People just see the different color words and don’t read.

Example please?
As someone who works for an ISP I’m not aware of any game company who we allow access to users modems or connection information.

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Only if you remove the stupid auto 50 SR lost if you join in 3 minutes. Why should I join back if I don’t get anything for my effort?

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You are right, the balance of this rule is more favored for the opposing team in terms of the outcome of the match. However the rule does consider the allies in a different way, simply put the longer a player is not participating in the match, the more likely that team will win altogether. This is why after 2 minutes, the remaining teammates can decide to continue to try to play the match, or just leave if they feel the match is a lost cause. Scott Mercer explains more here:

Source: Old Forum Archives

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While the overall average completion times are relatively unknown, matches can end as quickly as 1 minute and 22 seconds (Assault) (source: Overwatch League Stats Lab).

The common presumption of all online games is that players must provide their own reliable internet connection. Yes accidents happen, and that is why the starting penalty is only ten minutes.

If you are asking if the match should stay valid for the remaining players, then I will restate Scott Mercer’s response on this matter:

Source: Old Forum Archives

Do you watch Overwatch Esports like Overwatch League? In Esports, they do pause (because its reasonable to assume there is no foul play with disconnecting), however pauses in Esports can last long amounts of time, (the longest pause I ever watched lasted over an hour (Finland vs. South Korea - World Cup 2018 Ichieon Group Stage). It can be very annoying even from a spectator perspective. That being said Overwatch the open game itself, is still just a video game, and Competitive is merely a game mode of that video game. I know there would be thousands of more complaint about automatic pauses versus what we have now about leavers and to have pauses for a online matchmaking game mode is not a good idea (custom games can be paused of course).

I would personally like the magic super detector that can detect when a server issue has happened and causes people to leave the game involuntarily
I know it’s not possible but I want to dream (also blackouts suck, I once had my dad fuse the house with a toaster, funny story but annoying outcome)

If you refer to my mock ups, they are similar in size and context to existing pop-up messages already in the game that appear before players and only consist of about four sentences.

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Blizzard knows they have to issue corrective actions for behaviors that harm the game, but what I am after is how they communicate the message. This is why I provided example mock-ups of how Blizzard should approach in addressing leavers in the game. The original graphic shared on the Reddit thread implies a “Sucks to be you!” message that was quickly photo edited from the endorsement prompt graphic in game.

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Agreed, I keep hearing there are “games” but no one is willing to provide an example.

Its frankly impossible, the real problem is that the game server can’t tell when a person does something like this:


This is the only point I’ll address because it’s the one I adamantly disagree with…No. Nobody should be justifying that behaviour. Granted, nobody should be justifying rude and disruptive behaviour either, but personally I have never left a game even when all but one member of my team left and I was getting berated by the enemy team for my hero pick. If someone is getting harrassed, mute the user/chat. If they leave the game, they are ruining the game of all those who weren’t involved, and honestly I consider it pretty irresponsible that you would attempt to justify that behaviour here. While you don’t represent Blizzard, you’re certainly an influential name around here.

:+1: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
There is no excuse for leaving when you can halt any incoming harrassment during the game.

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Imagine trying to protect the feelings of people who rage quit :woman_shrugging:

I’ve never understood why people think that a “Your team won anyway” would even be discouraging/ punishing in the first place.

If I saw that all I’d be able to think is “Well clearly I was correct when I decided my help wasn’t needed.”

That may be so, but imagine how frustrated the leaver is to leave in the first place despite the penalties incurred, esp. in comp.

There’s this whole ‘the group is more important than the individual’ thread in this community that i’m not sure I like.

I can agree wholeheartedly with not needing more passive aggressive little tit for tat jabs being thrown around. People should stick with matches right to end and never give up, but if you feel the need to stick it to someone for whatever reason why they left then you’ve won the pissant prize patrol sweepstakes for the week. Just play your hardest, stick your nose to the grindstone, and go next game. Embarrassing sentiments we’re trying to promote through this community.

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Why wouldn’t that be the case in a team game? Sometimes an individual is more important, and sometimes the group is more important. In a team setting, of course the team is more important. I really don’t get why that would be a problem. Not only is there nothing wrong with self not always being the most important thing, but I think it’s important to sometimes engage in activities where you’re not the most important. It helps keep you grounded, imo.

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Welp this is pretty much the perfect way to sum up this whole discussion. I have personally always wholeheartedly supported leaving if a player ever feels like it while still believing that leaving a game should have appropriate penalty for it and IMO the current penalties are good enough. While making the leavers’ penalties harsher is an intriguing idea to some players, they often fail to see that harsher penalties could just add insult to the injury. It would penalize a lot of players for leaving for legit reasons and cause a response where instead of leaving a game they’d be more incentivized to leave the game entirely and I don’t know if players have noticed this but we’re not exactly swimming in players at the moment. We need all the even moderately decent players as it stands to have at least some-what consistent matchmaking experience which is already in shambles compared to a year or two behind when we didn’t have to mix n match master players with Top 500 to give them bearable queue times. Note that masters is no longer just the top 1% so the issue has trickled down up to 1000SR

I read, I hear you. I think blizzard needs to take a bigger stand on leavers because the fact is the biggest reason people leave is they are angry or salty throughout all game modes.

On console it’s extremely bad. Basically every match there’s a leaver on either side. In Comp it happens a disgusting amount. There is not enough punishment.

You cannot play this game fairly in a 5 v 6.

That comment on reddit wouldn’t have all that love if blizzard would have cracked down on it ages ago.

Blizzard should have cracked down ages ago. It’s not enough.

Ps. I dislike people who think it’s okay to leave ANY game mode.

Let’s be real here, you’re biased no matter what way you look at it.

On a side note, I have left A LOT of competitive games (deliberately), and I’ll absolutely continue to do so. Smurfing is a big issue, there’s no gain from getting stomped. Nothing to learn from, nothing to have fun with.

I don’t think your idea of a message will do anything whatsoever. Smurfing is perfectly OK according to blizzard, as is having hundreds of accounts. You can just endlessly bypass the season suspensions by playing on separate accounts constantly. The message is pointless.

People that want to leave, will continue to do so, and in a sense they’re getting enabled by the system and even encouraged by the issues of competitive.

The suggested message of notifying others of a 5v6 win will accomplish nothing, and neither will your suggestion.