OPINION: I formally disagree with the idea of the "Your team won without you" pop-up

… This is what I thought it was. 2 minutes to get back in without penalty… however many of us can contest that 2 minutes is barely enough time to get the game loaded again or for most home network equipment to reboot. … But there does have to be a cutoff… maybe they could play around with that a little?

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On the flip side, two minutes is in some ways TOO much time for the opponents to snowball the match. Fun fact, the penalty used to be only 1 minute during season 1.

Well, you see there’s a thing called Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and there’s a layer of the pyramid called “Esteem”. People play computery games in order to increase their esteem by being told that they’re awesome and whatnot. If a player is told that their team won without them then that will lower their esteem. That’s bad because then the game is decreasing its players esteem which is the opposite of what a computery game is supposed to do. It makes the player get a sad face = :frowning_face: Sad face is bad. As a game designer, you want your player to have a happy face = :grinning:.

So, in conclusion. Happy face = good. Sad face = bad.

Yes, but if a user got disconnected - it is neither their fault or their team’s fault. Both are left at a disadvantage regardless of the action and result.

It also goes into many other problems such as how do you truly count that match when there were clear advantages/disadvantages in the match and etc.

Personally, I’ve always been an advocate of pausing the match for 1 minute to give everyone a fair chance. If someone uses the argument of not having time - then they shouldn’t be playing comp in the first place

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Pausing sounds fine… though I’m curious how that would work? What parameters do you suggest for a pause?

1 minute of packetloss? 30 seconds?

how does it resume? Everyone hits ok or just when the “lost” player logs back in?

Does everyone freeze in place? Or get put back at a starting point?

How is it demoralizing??

It’s a road hog giving you a thumbs up like “we Gucci bro sry you had to leave but we pulled through”

If a ROADHOG givin you a thumbs up breaks your skin than I just have no words

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why dont blizzard just publish the stats on what percent of games are won after someone leaves. i suspect the banner would see negligible use anyway.

Nobody is gonna read that huge block of leaving text

How is saying “your team won” lambasting you? I’ve never intentionally quit a game, but I’ve DCed from comp twice. I’d actually feel better knowing my team won, because I felt guilty about leaving my team in the lurch. If you intentionally quit a match, then you deserve to feel bad.


It’d kind of be like… when you go into your menu/tab out in a game. But instead of the settings, you’d just have a timer. The whole game would freeze, so wherever you are, whoever and etc is just frozen for 60 seconds.

If the user joins back in 60 seconds, they are restored to where they were prior to the disconnection with the same hero. If not, they join back at spawn whilst the match is going on.

The reason that I think a pause would be good is because it will give the team that is down a player, 60 seconds to quickly strategise and and adapt to the sudden change whilst giving the other team time to also adapt.

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I think the idea is ridiculous It’s just there to rub salt in your wound for no productive reason. You really think it’s going to motivate players? Or is it just revenge? Because if it’s just revenge then it’s just petty dribble on behalf of whoever backed it.

Personally I agree. Like I said I have had that feeling like I want to rub wins in people who lefts faces.

BUT… we’re speaking of the overall attitude and spirit of overwatch as a game and community. Heroes are better than that.

Also, some people who get DC’d dont want to hear that their team did just as well without them, they’d like to think they’re important. So while I personally would like to hear they managed to deal with me gone… there are some who would take it negatively.

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If you come back after a crash in less than 90 secs you don’t get the 50sr penalty but still get 20+ sr for winning?

As the person that highlighted the reddit post here on forums I feel obliged to say a few things on here:

A) I thought it was funny and I wasn’t exactly implying that it should actually make its way to the game…the picture is just saying what everyone wishes they could tell the person they believe to have left because they were a poor sport (And possibly ruining the game experience for everyone else)…nothing more…what I liked about it was that it was a direct response to the act of leaving for which there is basically little to no penalty currently…and it was by no means a request for blizz to implement…though it is SOMETHING and would actually address the issue (which blizz is apparantly reluctant to do)

B) it would never happen anyway because like you rightly pointed out there’s no real way of telling why people have left…and blizz is not exactly in the business of rubbing it in your face…

C) This doesn’t mean that they can’t do something…because it’s not hard to argue that they don’t do enough about leavers…comp has SR penalties…but outside of that? Exp loss that in year 5 of the game means next to nothing for most people …as someone who spends the vast majority of his time in QP and the arcade…it is a plague on the game experience and very frequent

if you want my actual suggestion (which I mentioned in the replies in said thread) I would like to see them implement some incremental queue penalties…as in leaving results in the inability to queue in future games…nothing major…Seconds to a minute…just something to actually consider when leaving a game…consistent abusers would see higher penalties…the occasional leaver or person who disconnected would not be severely punished/hindered

Similar systems exist in many games that require queuing into matches…not exactly breaking new ground here

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I also think it was a bad idea yesterday, and I didn’t upvote it. It’s the sort of bad behavior that leaves a bad taste in the mouth, and your post clarified why this is so. Thank you very much, OP, here’s an upvote from me.


Well, you won didn’t you? Why should you be punished for that. I don’t think you should get the full reward, but you shouldn’t be punished for helping your team win.

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I’m pretty sure it was just a joke suggestion

I’ve suffered a “one time malfunction” like a disconnection before.

Know what I did about it?

I stopped playing comp for a while until I knew the problem was over.

If all you suffer from is an actual occasional problem, this won’t be a problem. You won’t get punished by any kind of automated system and a popup telling you that the team won anyway might actually make you feel better about a guilty DC that was actually an accident (“They won anyway? Whew! Take that Comcast!”)

It’s the habitual leaves who need to be punched in the face however it happens. Make punishments severe. Let them know when their attempts to sabotage their ex-teammates fails.

And then ban them.


The biggest downside to the popup would be how the lack of the popup for a leaver would confirm for them that the team they left did end up losing, which is only going to make them feel justified in their decision and encourage them to leave more.

While I understand and agree with most of things in the post, this one is missing a point:

If we are to follow this, than there would not be any penalties or bans for players, cause they could feel “bad” about it, right? Well, this players are intentionaly making others (their own team or even other team) feel bad by their decisions.
While I understand, that “sassy” pop up is not a good idea - as it´s more fit to an attitude of a 12 year old kid, rather than company, like Blizzard is, I disagree, that we should treat this people nicely to not make them “feel bad”. And I mean everybody, who decide to cheat, leave, abuse or anything. (not talking about people who DC or leave due toxicity, etc.) Sometimes people need to “feel bad” for their behaveour, to wake up and stop being a pest in the game (or everywhere in general).
That part just makes no sense…

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