OPINION: I formally disagree with the idea of the "Your team won without you" pop-up

There’s a grace period to avoid getting penalized with a temporary ban, but that’s it. The game is still marked as a loss.


Leavers will leave regardless. This leaver message thing won’t change that one way or another.

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Yick… That does dis-incentivized coming back quite a bit. Why waste the time and put in the effort. You’d be coming back to likely a losing battle (enemy has built up ult or taken a point or whatever). It’d be purely altruistic to keep going as mean as that sounds.

So yeah… maybe change that first.


Not everyone is you.


Having a member of the blizzard team post commentary in a forum stating they are stating their personal opinion, opens up the door for anyone who disagrees to be targeted.

This response, while it was made in good faith and makes valid points… poses a myriad of problems. If blizzard staff do not agree with something, it should come in the form of a PR statement via an official channel, or simply removing the forum post as is the norm, as this post in effect fans the flames while also acting as the final word on the matter.

… did you read the first line?

He is not blizzard staff. He’s an “elevated” forum member. Just another player.
Don’t be fooled by the green text. He’s one of us… ONE OF US.


There’s no way I can reply to this without being rude, especially given your condescension. So I won’t.

Did I offend you? I apologize, but considering he outlined that exactly what you accused him of was wrong, do you understand the incredulity?

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I had a friend who got really bad ranks on competitive because his network issues(he was not that good, but the network issues helped his SR drops). But his guild being naive and play competitive as some “fun mode”, no defense on his case. But he even couldn’t complete some qp or arcade games. But one thing I felt missing is the possibility to return to the match at least in arcade and quick play are really hard to back to the game. Most of the time when he returned(by clicking on one of his friends) was as Spectator, because someone just filled his spot. Maybe consider give these types a chance to get back on the match or just provide some exp at least if they observe most of the match? I really like the positive stance of blizzard on their games. But some unexpected issues happens and not everyone deserves be penalized that much just because they don’t even know they had network issues in the first place. I not mention competitive (I think you guys could be more severe on that, because that mode is seriously for everyone who plays), but in modes who someone who wants have fun doesn’t seems too much “applicable” At least give him chance to endorse and spectate their old team and get some exp pro it (to feel less bad)

About this, we have report player and avoid as teammate, I know that doesn’t mean much most of the time when these things happens, but if you guys got like 7-11 reports in a match for the same player could mean that player it’s toxic. So maybe not penalize his teammates on that match could provide some comfort for their team or just redo the match. And instant drop him a full tier, will make toxic know his place.

I’m saying this because I really think that competitive play needs to be brutal(6 win 6 lose and who loses can take severe physical/mental hit), because his core is brutal(you get up stomping someone ele). But arcade, vs IA and quickplay are meant to be fun and more friendly.

Well as it currently stands, if you leave a game, its marked as “Undecided” with the Leaver Icon. I think that is a deliberate decision by the devs to avoid the speculative “what if”

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He’s not a blizzard staff member. The forum rank was given to a select few members in the day for their constant positivity and behaviour that Blizzard seemed as exemplar to the community.

He holds little to no power on these forums

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If you’re someone who would respond to a message like that with a sigh and relief and a “thank goodness my team was able to pull through without me,” bear in mind that there are others who would see that message and think “my team didn’t even need me, was I wasting my team? What was the point of including me in that match at all.”

It also works the other way. Not seeing that message could be seen as “it was my fault my team lost”, or if the person deliberately left, it could be used as a self-justification for their actions: “see, they needed me for this win. I was the carry.”

I don’t think it’s necessary at all to see the results of the match that you left. If you want to see the results, you need to be a participant.

The total time is 2 minutes for main competitive matches (15 seconds for arcade mode Competitive matches) to return without getting penalized. The reason why they mark the player with a loss and suspension after two minutes is to prevent players from returning and avoiding the penalty. Furthermore, after two minutes, the option is now open for teammates to leave without penalty as the game considers you to abandon the match at that point. (More details on this policy here.)

I agree it feels bad that when it becomes hopeless to save your own personal chance to win, but it when comes to leavers, the balance has to carefully consider, the leaver/disconnected player, the leaver’s teammates, and the opponents of the match in question.

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I think Scott Mercer should get a pop-up every time someone wins a 5v6. “Your matchmaking was so terrible that you made a game that was still winnable 5v6. Please fix it it’s been 4 years.”

I have never felt bad after leaving a match, even when the petty people message me and say “we won without you useless ******* ******” as if my REAL LIFE didn’t get in the way. This childish change you all want won’t change anything. No one feels bad for leaving games.

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But it only really considers the enemies in this scenario - they are the only benefiters when someone leaves on your team. You’re down a teammate and even when they come back, they have to walk from spawn and lost all their ult charge.

2 minutes is not enough at all - especially if it’s a connection issue where one might have to restart their internet/console/pc.

Rounds only last 4 minutes unless you capture the checkpoints like?? I’m not staying any longer than I need to when that 2 minute mark hits I’m out.

That’s nice. I have felt guilty about things I have done in games before, and used that feeling to try and improve. Guilt isn’t always a negative reaction even if it feels bad.

And sometimes you’re just kicking yourself for missing out and it isn’t that deep.

Also there’s a pretty big difference between someone messaging you and an update from the game, imo.

Anyway, as I said earlier, I don’t support the change. But only because I don’t want to add insult to injury to those with legitimate disconnects.

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Rounds don’t last 4 minutes? What?

Well sometimes people popoff in ways that the matchmaker can’t predict. It’s not always the matchmaker’s fault a match was lopsided. Sometimes people manipulate it and sometimes it’s just because of the unpredictability of human nature.

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