(opinion) best skin for every character!

Saw someone else do this and i wanted to as well :P<3
Ana: Haroeris/Bastet
Ashe: Deadlock/Little Red
Baptiste: Talon
Bastion: Brick/Antique
Brigitte: Medic/Vampire Hunter
Cass: Scrooge/American
Dva: Palanquin
Doomfist: Formal/Karate
Echo: Moth/Kkachi
Genji: Baihu
Hanzo: Young Master/Scion
JQ: Zeus
Junkrat: Junkfood
Kiriko: Athleisure
Lucio: 2019 Pacific All-Stars/Capoeira
Mei: Beekeeper
Mercy: 2019 Atlantic All-Stars/Seoul Dynasty (Overwatch 1 Base Skin)
Moira: Scientist/Blackwatch
Orisa: Reindeer
Pharah: Raindancer
Ram: Poseidon
Reaper: Nevermore
Rein: Conductor
Hog: Clown/Pachimari
Sigma: Maestro
Sojourn: Cyber Detective
Soldier: Strike Commander Morrison
Sombra: Tulum/Demon Hunter
Sym: Mistletoe/Holi
Torb: Surf N Splash
Tracer: Street Urchin/Comic Book
Widow: Kerrigan/Medusa/Ange De La Mort
Winston: They all ugly ngl
Ball: 8 Ball
Zarya: Violet
Zen: Takoyaki/Zen-Nakji

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Winston: San Fransisco Shock
Zenyatta: Sunyatta
Ana: Ghoul
Moira: Banshee
Reinhardt: Draugr
Roadhog: Butcher
Brigitte: Stone
Junkrat: Jailbird
The rest: Don’t care

Winston is the only hero that I have a favorite skin for almost every map.


i forgot jailbird existed LMAO

I am gonna do the ones that I do play:

Mercy: Winged Victory, Atlantic, Honey Bee
Mei: Ecopoint: Antarctica, Pajamei
Echo: Ice Angel, Butterfly/Moth

In that order for them



Hollywood: Werewolf
Kings Row: Gargoyle
Winter maps: Yeti
Havana: Banana (bonus points for Ramones reference)
Numbani: Original
Gibraltar: Horizon
Asian maps: Wu Kong
Blizzard World: Original
Eichenwalde: Tactical
Route 66: Desert
ParaĂ­so: Atmosphere
The rest: Shock

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I love Ice Angel, just forgot about it because nobody bought it for 20 dollars LMAO-
I do also love how angelic descent looks on honeybee for mercy, but in my opinion, the staff is a little bulky and annoying, a reason I also left out Pink and the knight skins in my list lol- Winged Victory used to be my absolute favourite back when it came out too! It’s probably me being a mythology nerd though, as it’s based off of Nike in Greek myth, or Victoria in Roman, the winged goddess and personification of victory.

Well, it looks great while it is golden. Looks really nice as a part of the color scheme. But Maybe I am just a weirdo.

And yeah, her AD looks nice. I think they could actually push this skin as Legendary, if they would give her unique ultimate voice line. But I am not gonna complain for getting a skin for 0$ that could easily be a 20$ :sweat_smile:

For me it is how it looks, and the voiceline. I find it inspiring when she shouts “Onwards to victory!”

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(apologies for the excitement ._.)

Lucio’s equalizer skin is the best one
This is coming from a otp btw so yeah

I’m actually not too sure about it being marketed as legendary, I see your point but there’d be a lot og backlash, as the base doesn’y change from OW2, she doesn’t get a new outfit or anything lol, I am glad for the free skin tho hehe

Outlaws either home or away depending on mood!

With the OW1 or OW2 base skins?

I only play these heroes so…

Moira OW2 looks better with less spikes
Mercy is a hard one! Her away skin looks better in OW but home skin looks better in OW2
Zenyatta OW is just better using the away skin
Brigg her color scheme is much better in OW2 using the away skin
Ana homeskin OW

Rein OW away skin looks coolest
D.VA home skin OW
Zarya OW2 havent decided which one looks best
Sigma OW away skin

Bastion OW home skin is best that hat on the OW2 skin is awful
Soldier 76 easy away skin OW THAT jacket he has the best design
Symmetra away OW looks so cool with the tinted glas.
Junkrat home OW
Ashe home skin is the best. Same shame as with Soldier 76 you couldn´t ever buy the jacket for real.

Going to drop mine in a dropdown so it doesn’t look so massive;

Personal Bests

Ana - Capt. Amari / Cabana / Bastet
Ashe - Socialite :sparkles:
Baptiste - Deluxe
Bastion - Brick / Gwishin
Brigitte - Medic / Carbon Fiber
Cass - Blackwatch / Invisible Man
Dva - Sleighing
Doomfist - OW2 Default / Formal
Echo - Hangzhou Spark / Good and Evil
Genji - Sentai / Baihu
Hanzo - Scion / Cloud
Junker Queen - Zeus
Junkrat - Circus / Beachrat
Kiriko - Amaterasu
Lucio - All-Stars / OWL White
Mei - Sprinkles / Pajamei
Mercy - Valiant 2018 / Cobalt
Moira - Demon Queen
Orisa - Star Sheep :sparkles:
Pharah - Qinglong
Ramattra - Primordial
Reaper - Evermore
Reinhardt - Coldhardt / Wujing
Roadhog - Pachimari / Midas
Sigma - Maestro / Galactic
Sojourn - Captain Chase
Soldier - Grillmaster
Sombra - Oro
Sym - OW2 Default (it’s that good)
Torb - Magni
Tracer - Street Urchin
Widow - Mousqetaire / Nova
Winston - OW2 Default / Catcher
Ball - 8 Ball / High Roller
Zarya - Workout / Polyanitsa
Zenyatta - Takoyaki :sparkles:

The 3 marked with :sparkles: are my top 3 favorite skins in the game.

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I almos see army of pink Mercy ready to tear you apart :slight_smile:

Snow angel from 2017 is the best for Mercy


I don´t understand the hype around that Pink skin is just for the lolita look or what? I would say outside of OWL skins is the one you mention and the moon skin looks great. Buuuutttttt… The witch, imp and demon skin has the best ult lines… Wish more skins had different ult lines…!
Thats why I use the OWL more than other skins.

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Pink Mercy design triggers deep cognective functions. It made to be liked by majority of human beings.

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Wooden torb.
Oasis sym.

The rest of the skins in the game do not even come close and are not even worth mentioning.

Popular opinion: Witch Mercy is best mercy skin, I remember people 3 yrs into the game that complained missing out on getting it, never saw that for any of her other ones. Theres a reason why that skin got the recolor over all else.

hot, but true take: Pink is overrated and garbage, to no fault of the skin.

Very happy to see scientist instead of just the generic “blackwatch” answer most others give lol