Open queue will only lead to balance headaches

making open queue was a knee jerk reaction. For the last few seasons of role queue they were balancing toward 2-2-2, now with open queue expect strong metas to return, and eventually not be fun.

Good Job!

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Genuine question, have they said that they were going to let open queue affect balancing decisions?

They aren’t. Just balancing for role queue


Oh, nothing wrong with that then.

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That’s what I think. Plus as more tanks and supports come out it could create some interesting variants. Like replacing dva with sigma for goats

Well I use open queue as more of a practice for role queue or “warm-up”

I don’t think “Strong Meta’s” will appear as often as most players aren’t in a large group to coordinate that sort of composition.

I think you might have run this up to quickly in your head (no offense) and just posted it.

I do understand where you’re coming from though.

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I believe the team will balance towards RQ, but I think everyone should hope for a eureka solution that lets us go back to Open Queue.

Because the ever worsening queue problem of RQ is not going away and if you think waiting to play will be an awesome advertisement strategy for Overwatch 2, I don’t what to tell you.

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Only thing wrong was that fact you thought I asked a question.

Blizzard would probably make a new character that brings a ‘eureka solution’ putting most compositions down the drain and actually make role queue playable.

But that might have to come into ties with your statement of ‘waiting to play’

If I never saw a contradiction then this would serve a good example.

I never thought you asked a question, i see your whiny complaint, and i’m saying it’s not valid.


Not a complaint but more of an observation and prediction. and I’m glad its not all up to you nick, as others at least understand where I am coming from.

The only thing unbalanced about it is one team is now gonna run 6 dps and the other actually runs 2 2 2

The game will still be officially and rightfully balanced around 2/2/2 role - lock and therefore OQ will have absolutely zero impact on balance from now on.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Exactly, if there is a broken meta in open que, they said they aren’t going to make balance decisions based on open que as long as the heroes are balanced for 2-2-2 you get what you get in open que.

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true for the moment, but the above strongly implies it will always be this way

many folks claimed role-less queue would never return to the game, but that changed.

this too might be changed

But the devs never outright said that a Competitive game mode without 2/2/2 role - lock would never be implemented, but in this situation they did confirm exactly how the game will be balanced from now on.

But yeah, with that logic, anything can change. Competitive Open Queue could be removed from the game in like a month due to lack of popularity for example, etc.


however, Role-less queue modes are gaining in popularity, as evidenced by their return to the game and after that their promotion to the main game selection screen

as such, I see it as more likely that role-less queue supplants 222 at some future date.

I’m not saying this will happen, not at all…rather, it is from my point of view more likely than what you suggest above

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I don’t see that at all, but I guess that anyone can make their own assumptions of what happens in this crazy world of ours.

not at all

no assumptions were made

rather - observations

observations of changes that have occurred in the game, which I am surprised to hear you claim to be unaware of

the first such change was the return of role-less queue competitive to the game, at first in the arcade as an experiment

the second such change was the return of role-less queue competitive to the main game selection screen

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