Open Division Practice Season (exclusive spray & player icon) - Registration closes Oct. 6th!



With the Overwatch League 2019 season nearly wrapped up and the Overwatch World Cup on the horizon, it’s time to test your skills as a competitive player! 2019 Overwatch Open Division Practice Season sign-ups are live now. No matter your rank or your region, this practice season is open to everyone. If you’ve previously been nervous about competing, this is the perfect time!

Unlike other Open Division seasons, this Practice Season will not feed into Overwatch Contenders. However, we will have something nifty for you to show off your competitive streak—if you remain on your active roster all the way through the Practice Season, you will receive this (very cute) in-game Path to Pro player icon and spray.

North America, South America, Australia, the Pacific, and Europe/Middle East/Africa sign-ups are now open on Battlefy, while South Korea and China will follow at a later date. Head to the Overwatch Open Division hub to be directed to your region’s sign-up page—don’t delay, registration closes October 6!

Competition will begin October 12 and run every weekend for six weeks. The format will be similar to previous Open Division seasons, with a Swiss-format regular season. On the weekend of November 23, each region will stage their double-elimination playoff bracket to determine their champions.

So, grab five of your school friends, workmates, Discord pals, Twitter mates, Tumblr buddies, etc., and sign up today!

Click here for tournament rules


  • Team Registration closes on Sunday, October 6th, 23:59 PDT (11:59PM)
  • Players can join existing teams throughout the entire regular season!

Need a team? Try the links below!
Overwatch Open Division Discord

Reddit Competitive Overwatch Discord


  • Swiss, two best-of-5 matches per week. Teams are seeded every 2 matches.
  • 6 weekends of regular season (12 matches total)
  • 1 weekend of playoffs (16-team double-elimination tournament)


  • Players may only compete on 1 team per week and in only 1 region
  • No Skill Rating requirement
  • Players must meet Player Eligibility in the official ruleset

Match Schedule

Regular Season

  • 2 matches per week, 1 on Saturday, 1 on Sunday
    Default match time: 12:00 PT (15:00 ET)

    • Week 1: October 12 – 13th, 2019
    • Week 2: October 19 – 20th, 2019
    • Week 3: October 26 – 27th, 2019
    • Week 4: November 2 - 3rd, 2019
    • Week 5: November 9 - 10th, 2019
    • Week 6: November 16-17th, 2019Playoffs
    • Week 7: November 23-24th, 2019
      11:00 - 20:00 PT


Control / Hybrid / Assault / Escort / Control

  • Control – Busan, Ilios, Oasis
  • Hybrid – Blizzard World, Hollywood, King’s Row
  • Assault – Horizon Lunar Colony, Temple of Anubis, Volskaya Industries
  • Escort – Havana, Rialto, Route 66
  • Control (5th map) – Losing team from Map 4 picks from the 2 remaining available Control maps

Custom Match Settings

Presets: Competitive
Modes, All: Kill Cam Disabled
Modes, All: Skins Disabled
Modes, All: Game Mode Start – Manual
Lobby: Max Spectators 0 (unless spectators have been permitted by both Team Captains in writing before start of play)
Heroes, Hero Roster: Disable any heroes not currently available in Competitive Play
“Invite Only” must be selected within the Custom Game Lobby.

Starting a Match (First map only)

  • Left team: Responsible for picking the map and hosting the lobby.
  • Right team: Responsible for choosing the side they want to play on. (attack, defend, red, blue, etc.)

After First Map

  • Losing team of each map picks subsequent map and is allowed to host the lobby, winning team picks side
  • Maps are removed from the available pool after being played once


  • 10 minutes of pause time per team, per map for a total of 2 maps. After the 10 minutes are up, teams must forfeit or continue play as-is. Longer pauses are allowed if contacting a game admin is required.
  • Contacting administrators does not count against pause time
  • Players must be in lobby and ready within 10 minutes of the start of the scheduled match time. Delays may result in penalties at the Tournament Administration’s discretion.

Match Reporting, No-Shows, and Conflicts

  • Report matches no later than Monday, 11:59 am PT
  • Report no-shows 10 minutes after the scheduled match time
  • Contact admins regarding conflicts at the discord server listed above

Need a team? Use the Looking for Group PC forum to gather people to join you in the upcoming matches! Remember you do NOT have to be at any minimum Competitive skill rating to participate!

How do I get the Genji/Tracer high fiving icon?
Never got my OWL sprays or player icon
Path to Pro Player Icon
I don't like that open division is done through a third party
OWL 2019 Twitter Sprays

both links lead to a 404


Yeah hang on I think the news blog posted I copied off of did not set the links right… fixing manually.

Now fixed… the links will directly go to the Battlefy site.


Oh come on.
I dont wanne look for a team again.
Can they stop with this BS? Watching streams is one thing but needing to participate in this stupid OD where all games beside the last 2 are steamrolls is not fun.
And not to add, that most of the time its a waste of your time.
You wont get better and the top is only like 4.4k players.
They need to hardcap the BS.
Make some other turnaments for golds where they can learn to play better, but against 4.4ks they wont learn anything of value besides how to tilt fast.


How to piss off an entire pro scene in one announcement. Absolute silence would have been better than this.


Can we have the spray (or icon) say Overwatch instead of Overwatch E-sports?


I just noticed, why the flack woud you want to waste your time for 2 sprays?

This isnt even going to get you into contenders.

Who the blody flak thought this is a good idea?

Make a stupid in game turnament where you can join randome teams with the same SR and fight against teams of the same SR. That woud be better then this BS


Right! I bet that almost all the top OD teams sit this out, and instead enter 3rd Party tournaments (eg Tournament of Future Champions, whatever Rivalcade are doing, etc)


Yah, blody hell.
I am normaly not angry at the guys at blizz, but this takes the cake.
Fire the guy who made this up.


Of course my biggest concern is if the spray and player icon is exclusive to this event, or if any other opportunity will come for players to earn it. My schedule is too conflicting to participate in this (considering I am going to BlizzCon) and I would hate to miss out a spray and icon like this.


Looks like they are exclusive.
Allways nice to see numbers on icons so you instantly know you wont get them again.


am lonely, have no frands


I will be your friend but I charge by the week.


worries not, its called life, everybudy hav like that


meanwhile blizz slaughtering small, grasroots tournaments and leagues


When I lost my chance at season 1 Top 500 icon, I immediately gave up on collecting all promotional stuff.

Which IMO was a good thing, or I would waste money into Blizzcon virtual tickets or WoW expansion that I would never actually use (Blizzcon happens when I’m at work, and I don’t play WoW).


do you accept credit

sometimes it be like it do


Blizzard murdered third party tournaments and the entire t3 scene for this…


rename it to “Path to poverty”
you killed everyone, “except” OWL.
“except,” bcz it still sucks: enormous budget, when have that situation with T2 and T3, strange thing with “divisions” and London team full of koreans, so why it calls “London team?” Why you spend money for seamless world tour? Nobody care do Koreans play in Paris or in America, if everyone watch it on twitch.
I not gonna watch it anyway, im dissapointed, i dont care anymore



Do you have to actively play games in this tournament, or is it enough to be in a team? I am the team captain, will we get the spray/icon even if we miss our scheduled game?