Only two legendary skins?

The problem though is that in addition to zero new content being released, even skin content is being withheld now, and still the only thing we are told is, we can’t say anything.

When we have more news about how HR is covering up scandels than news about game play information, and all we are getting told is more reasons to hate Blizzard and nothing to look forward. Remaining positive isn’t the hard part, at some point you just angry from all sides.

Its no longer about waiting for a game that you love from a company that you love and trust, its waiting for a game that you love that is being held hostage by a company that you hate so you know that the problem isn’t that the team needs more time to make the game good, its caring more about share holders than caring about the opinion of its own player base. Those share holders aren’t going to save your game, we are, and we deserve to be the number 1 priority to you, not them.

But go on and have more secret meetings about how to save the game, thats great, how about you tell us how the game is going to be saved for once.


I feel bad for Andy. 90% of his work is doing damage control and he cant talk about positive news about future content releases.


As currently unknown state from OW2, an roadmap and public changelog/reviews/what developers are working would be interesting.

You can do an Trello card, then make it public so people will have some idea what is currently in development progress, what is done.

Or devs don’t work with that tools (project management tool) like Trello?


Fortune 500 companies put out deadlines all the time I’ve worked for 3 of them I’m sorry but I’m not buying the wait around the water fountain :fountain: excuse anymore.


I feel him though.

Literally doing the same my workplace but with packages…

If I leave, 90% of Packages will be late in Houston for likely a few months.

Friend, contributing to the writing of prepared statements is an important part of a community manager’s job. We provide insight into how players will respond to what we say, and suggest edits that will hopefully sound less “PR” and more appropriate for players.

It’s a collaboration with multiple communications disciplines, which means there’s give and take on all ends.


No, “The devs wellbeing or how they are spoken to doesn’t matter because I’m only paying for the product” isn’t just “Reality hurts” or “Well that’s how capitalism works”. That’s just being a bad person I’m afraid.


I just want them to fix the match making. Fix the growing smurf issue and fix the boosted account issue… make Overwatch competitive feel like competitive! Skins are nice and all, but please give us balanced games.

I think one thing that would have really softened the blow of this unexpected lack of cosmetics would have been a YouTube Developer Update. I understand Aaron wanted to reduce any obligation for making them, as he operates differently than Jeff, but I think a video announcement like “we’re excited about this event, but more excited about stuff coming soon that we’re looking forward to sharing with you” would have gone a long way to help mitigate this deluge of frustration in the forums.

This would have given us the reasoning for two legendary skins before having to dig through the Blizz Tracker to find Andy doing damage control. I’m still excited for what’s to come this year, and hopefully at least get an announcement for what’s to come soon.


It’s interesting to read one person say “not talking about OWL skins” and then have someone else say “this clearly is OWL skins”.

If I were to attempt to surmise a reason it would be the blue tracker not being great for non mobile devices (I actually swap to my phone to read blue posts).


Let me do the public relations work. I’m kinda more liked around here and I deal with people on a regular basis all the time. I used to work for Publix supermarket in customer service.

Call me cynical, but look like someone’s was too busy gulping down all that champagne and celebrating that Blizz is +1 on the shopping list Microsoft. Woke up a little late, huh?


Strong agree with this one and repeating it to further bring it to light, being angry at the produce and situation is one thing, but one needs to remain respectful and realize that Blizzard is run by people. One can get angry at the produce or situation, but don’t disrespect the person behind the name tag.


At this point I feel like the community should just start counting the sheer number of false promises and lies Blizzard is proud to present to them. It’s been happening for two years at this point. The last disaster with the sudden balance changes was an opportunity to learn but this is more of the same. OW is not in a good state to be losing even more players but it seems that Blizzard’s execs refuse to acknowledge that their consumers are ready to move on.

People will believe that there’s more content when they see it. But until then why should anyone have faith in a company whose strategy has been outright lying and hiding behind their staff? Is it too much of a blow to the ego to have to directly tell your consumerbase that you’ve dropped the ball and give them the honest truth?


That’s doesn’t explain the last “balance patch” to stir “discussion”.


Definitely a high level job I couldn’t do.

Though I couldn’t do it anyway because of Autism.

But then we have Movie Actors with Autism so what do I know.

We just need to face the fact that its not a good time to be a fan of OW.
I havent played in months and only drop by once in a while to see what i missed, just to realize that i didnt miss anything really.

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That’s the part that brothers me, why does all the new content for OW2 NEED to remain secretive? Why can’t they just say, hey guys here’s something to look forward to! About the only OW2 information we got last year was that OW2 wasn’t coming last year.


I legit have autism and I fixed both Hammond and Winston issues look up that post. I fixed it last night or this morning.

… “when you close your eyes”

“Do you dream of Overwatch at all”

{parody an old song if you don’t know it}